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A Rumour that Shocks Me.

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I was shocked. Terribly shocked that I really literally … Half way I read that rumour, my eyes start to be watery. After I finished reading, my jaws dropped and my eyes opened wide. I was unable to speak. (Fortunately, my hand still can type).

I have prepared to the worst news, I thought. I thought “disband” is the worst thing that could happen. I didn’t prepare. No, I never think like what the rumour said. This rumour is the most terrible thing that happened to SS501.

I’ve told you, “Believe in SS501 and to respect their decision.” And you know what? Our leader has shown his good decision. He loves his brother so dearly. I think this is the best decision too. DSP (Note I now mention its name! I’m so pissed with this agency) needs to get a lesson with this. DSP should not be selfish and picky. SS501 is 5 Super Star united as 1 forever!!! How can DSP just pick the ones that DSP think is bright and “profitable”?


Aku sangat terkejut. Benar-benar sangat terkejut hingga aku benar-benar seperti … Ketika baru membaca separuh dari “gosip” itu, mataku mulai basah. Setelah aku selesai membaca semuanya, aku ternganga dan melotot. Aku tak dapat berkata-kata. (untungnya, tanganku masih bisa mengetik).

Aku telah mempersiapkan diriku untuk yang terburuk, aku pikir. Aku kira “bubar” adalah hal terburuk yang bisa terjadi. Aku tidak siap. Tidak, aku tidak pernah berpikir apa yang dikatakan di “gosip” itu akan terjadi. “Gosip” ini adalah kejadian paling buruk yang terjadi pada SS501.

Aku sudah bilang, “Percaya pada SS501 dan hormati keputusan mereka.” Dan kalian tahu,kan? Leader sudah menunjukkan keputusannya yang baik. Dia sangat menyayangi adik-adiknya. Aku pikir, ini adalah keputusan yang terbaik juga. DSP (perhatikan sekarang aku sebut namanya! Aku sangat kesal dengan agensi ini) perlu diberi pelajaran. DSP tidak boles egois dan pilih-pilih. SS501 adalah 5 Super Star yang menjadi 1 selamanya!!! Bagaimana bisa, DSP hanya memilih yang dikiranya bersinar dan “menguntungkan”?


My opinion about Kim Hyun Joong’s transfering to Key East.

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Aku ingin berkomentar tentang hari ini (Selasa, 29 Juni 2010) di mana di kabarkan bahwa, Kim Hyun Joong telah berpindah manajemen  agensi.

Begini, ketika pertama kali aku mendengar berita ini, tentu saja aku terkejut. Tapi aku pernah berpikir tentang hal seperti ini sebelumnya sehingga aku tidak sampai terperanjat luar biasa. Aku sepertinya sudah siap dengan hal ini.

Menurutku, ini bukan hal yang buruk kalau dia pindah ke agensi manajement lain. Kita tahu kan kalau agensi manajemen yang sekarang bukan agensi manajemen yang terbaik. Siapa tahu dengan pindah manajemen dia bisa lebih berkembang?

Berita ini bukan hal terburuk yang kupikirkan. Kalian mau tahu apa yg terburuk? (T.T) ~Aku berpikir hal yang buruk. Semoga ini tidak pernah terjadi~


Bagiku, hal yang terburuk adalah ketika SS501 benar-benar harus bubar. Mereka akan berpencar sendiri-sendiri, menempuh jalan yang berbeda-beda… Ah.. (T,T-aku terlalu sedih bila memikirkan ini) Bagaimana bisa seperti itu? Bagaimana dengan karir dan persaudaraan yang telah mereka bangun lebih dari 5 tahun ini? ~Aku tak dapat membayangkan nama mereka ditambahi “ex-SS501”~ Tiddaaaakk…. (ANDWEE!!!) SS501 itu abadi!

Untuk saat ini, kita tetap harus berpikir positif dan percaya kepada apa yang sudah mereka katakan baru-baru ini. J Saat ini juga, kita belum dengar kepastian resmi dari SS501 sendiri, bagaimana tanggapan mereka dan kelanjutan mereka.

Ah, aku harus mengingat bahwa cinta tidak selamanya harus memiliki. Apapun keputusan SS501 mengenai ini, kita harus hargai dan hormati. Kita harus yakin bahwa mereka telah memikirkannya masak-masak. Kita harus berpikir kalau keputusan ini adalah keputusan yang terbaik untuk kita semua.

Kami percaya SS501!

Tetap dukung SS501 selamanya!


I want to comment about today’s news (Tuesday, 29 June 2010) where there was news about Kim Hyun Joong who is moving to a different management agency.

Well, the first time I heard about this news, of course I was shocked. But I have thought about this before, so I wasn’t greatly shocked. I was kinda ready for this.

I think it not such a bad thing if he transferred to another management agency. We all know that the management agency, where he was under, was not the best management agency. Who knows by moving to a different management agency, he can be better celebrity?

This news is not the worst thing I can think of. Do you want to know what’s worse?  (T.T) ~I’m thinking the worst scenario. I hope this never happen.~


For me, the worst thing that could happen is if SS501 really has to disband for real. They would be scattered and they had to go on a different career paths… Ah… ( T.T- I’m really sad thinking of this). How could it be like that? What happened with their career and brotherhood that they grew together for more than 5 years? ~I cannot imagine their name will be added with “ex-SS501” Nooo….. (ANDWEEE!!!) SS501 is forever!

For this moment, we need to think positively and believe what they have said recently. J Right now, we haven’t heard the official decision from SS501 themselves and their comments and their next move.

Ah, I have to remember that love doesn’t mean to have each other. Whatever SS501‘s decision about this, we have to appreciate and respect it. We know for sure that they must have thought about it really well. We should think that this decision is the best decision for all of us.

We believe in SS501!

We will support SS501 forever!

My Love

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I never meet you,

yet I fall for you.

You never know me,

but you rock my world!

Just one flick you made me fly into the sky.

One sway you throw me down to the earth and even deeper.

Your voice heals all my sickness, cheers me up from all tiredness and stress.

Your word shocks me to death, hurts like a billion swords aiming my heart.


It’s said, “Love is blind”. My response, “Who said love has got eyes?”

Love is a feeling you can’t describe.


Growing from newbie

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Aahh.. Now I get to know more about how this blog works. Hehehe… So late, huh?

As you know, I’ve changed the layout, added some things in the blog page and changed the blog title too. I was always want to change the blog title since I made this blog, but I didn’t know how to. But as I can change it now, I don’t know what to change it to. Hmm, any idea? I just want to include the “da991s”. It’s just so me. It’s like my identity in this cyber world. 🙂 About the layout, I think the previous one was a little bit hard to read. So I changed the theme that is provided by the blog site. Mmm, I can’t changed it according to what I like because I have to pay the blog for a personalised page layout. 😦 (I don’t think it’s worth doing at this moment.) Oh, yeah. I added my twitter tweets too! kekeke.. (and it’s tweeted by VampiresFamily -that’s me-.)

Hmm, what else should I say here? Please do leave comments on my writings! I would be more than happy to reply it! and also, What do you want me to write about? I will be happy to receive any suggestion and write it for you. Don’t you want to get regular writing from me? *shy*

Well, exam week is just a few days away. I might not be on this site, twitter or facebook much. kekeke… I need to focus to my study. So I think, I’ll write much as soon as I finish the exams. Promise!!! wkwk… 😀

~Love ya!~

I must go on

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It will be better if you don’t say anything

It will be better if you just stay still and ignore me as you don’t know me


It hurts as I have to go

I have to leave you

I must stay away from you


It will be easier to leave you if you are cruel to me

It is hard to leave when you keep calling me

When I often hear you mention my name

It’s too sweet to ignore


I’m sorry,

The problem is in me

Nothing to do with you

I’m sorry,

I have to go

I have to leave you


Our memories will stay

Cuz there is no way to erase such beautiful moments

You will be a treasure in my heart, always.

While others love cats or dogs or maybe reptiles, I love WHALES!

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I love this creature, killer whale, Orcinus orca.

Unlike its name, this creature is cute and lovable. (at least for me)

Well, orca is gentler than sharks as other whales do. They are carnivorous, they eat seals and other large creatures of the sea. But they don’t eat people! If they do, there will be no shamu or seaworld or what so ever.

For me orca is really cute.

My dream is to hug this massive creature. Hehehe.. 🙂

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