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Aahh.. Now I get to know more about how this blog works. Hehehe… So late, huh?

As you know, I’ve changed the layout, added some things in the blog page and changed the blog title too. I was always want to change the blog title since I made this blog, but I didn’t know how to. But as I can change it now, I don’t know what to change it to. Hmm, any idea? I just want to include the “da991s”. It’s just so me. It’s like my identity in this cyber world. 🙂 About the layout, I think the previous one was a little bit hard to read. So I changed the theme that is provided by the blog site. Mmm, I can’t changed it according to what I like because I have to pay the blog for a personalised page layout. 😦 (I don’t think it’s worth doing at this moment.) Oh, yeah. I added my twitter tweets too! kekeke.. (and it’s tweeted by VampiresFamily -that’s me-.)

Hmm, what else should I say here? Please do leave comments on my writings! I would be more than happy to reply it! and also, What do you want me to write about? I will be happy to receive any suggestion and write it for you. Don’t you want to get regular writing from me? *shy*

Well, exam week is just a few days away. I might not be on this site, twitter or facebook much. kekeke… I need to focus to my study. So I think, I’ll write much as soon as I finish the exams. Promise!!! wkwk… 😀

~Love ya!~


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See ABOUT ME page! :P

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  1. -boleh pake bahasa kan? kekeke-


    kkk~ sama kak dan.
    aku juga dulu g bisa pakenya XDD
    mending kak dan deh sekarang udah ngerti.
    lah aku?
    wakakak makenya aja jadi males karna g bisa

    ahaha.. emg da991s itu artinya apa kak??
    keren tau da991s.

    nah.. caranya gimana itu bisa twitternya disamping gitu?? ajarin dong XD

    HWAITING kak dan!!
    aku juga lagi ujian..
    Wish We Luck :))

    okee udah laah..
    maap saya malah ngerusuh disini LOL

  2. hee.. gapapa tau… any reasonable comments are welcome!

    hehehe.. boleh2 gw ajarin, lewat chat aja tapi. 🙂 susah nulis di sini.

    da991s? hehe.. ID gw d cyber world lah itu.. hehehe..
    liat di sini deh:

    ~btw ga ngrusuh kok.
    I appreciate the comment 😀


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