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Be strong, TripleS !

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Double S and Triple S united (credit: Lynnette_vien@Triplechangjo_indo

Dear fellow TripleS,

I know some of you are still feeling down and sad about the news and rumours we’ve heard. Some of you may also just heard about this news. I know… we all feel sad. Such a hypocrite, if I say I’m not sad or shocked. I admit I am sad too.

TripleS darlings,

I think we should still see the bright side of this. Well, right now, I can see TripleS can support each other while we all are breaking down. Stay strong, TripleS! I can see in many TripleS bloggers posted encouraging words. Even not a bloggers, in twitter and FB too, I saw tweets that are strengthening in the middle of mourning tweets. I saw notes in FB that makes us strong seeing this moment. Some of us even chat personally through chat rooms, MSN, YM or email or other things just to make things a bit better.

Below, is a chat message from Mai Anh Nguyen from Vietnam with me. I just edit a little bit. Hope you guys also find this strengthening.

Mai Anh Nguyen: triple S,

Mai Anh Nguyen: now, I know you which feel: so sad, so tired

but don’t disapointed, don’t sad, please


Mai Anh Nguyen: SS501 need us more whenever.

SS say: they’ll be one  and stand by triple S always and forever and

SS also say that SS501’ll always protect triple S

Our leader also say that with him SS501 and triple S is the most important to him

We must believe in SS501’s promise, believe in SS501’s tear.

Mai Anh Nguyen: We must believe by our heart& by ourselves love

Mai Anh Nguyen: Not believe everyone and only believe SS501, only believe SS501 is the most important

Mai Anh Nguyen: SS501 promised with triple S that SS501 is forever and our oppa’ll do it

One more time, triple S beg to believe in SS501 always and forever because we are triples

SS501 is triple S’s heart

Mai Anh Nguyen: If have a day, all of the world don’t understand with SS501, TripleS still believe and support SS501 by all of our love

Mai Anh Nguyen: Triple S always strong

Triple S fighting

SS501 fighting.

SS501+Triple S =SSS

Mai Anh Nguyen: uhm

Mai Anh Nguyen: i want believe SS

danika: me too.

Mai Anh Nguyen: uhm

ika: Those news recently…

ika: has not been confirmed yet.

ika: I want to hear from SS501

ika: not those fan account

Mai Anh Nguyen: me too

ika: some people say it’s false

ika: some believe them,

ika: but I just want to hear from SS501 and believe it


Later at night my friend from twitter @Maisimus tweeted those videos:

credit: phtriples (Part 8 – Unbreakable SS501)

credit: bloomlion (SS501 5th Anniversary: Domino Project by Hyuniversal0606)

credit: phtriples (Part 6 – SS501 & Green Peas)

When I saw those, I cried. I cried seeing the journey that SS501 has been through. However, some are encouraging, when I saw the strength of TripleS when we are united to do some projects. Can we still stay strong like that?


I also want to share those tweets from Cal unnie:

” I know everyone of us is feeling down now. Well, at least, not too chirpy. 🙂 And I know, despite we’ve got love, trust and hope, it can be torturing for us to keep waiting and waiting and waiting.. Aside from that, we seem so helpless. I feel helpless too. But think, are we really that useless? Or we can put our love to good use? Now, let’s pressume all the rumours are true. 5 of them are in the midst of transition. Transformation. Evolution. And they are busy with all the nitty gritty details. At the same time, they worry for their fans – “Are they well?”, “Are they sad?” Again, assuming if they get to see us low morale. (Hey, rembr, @royalavenue @hyungjun87 is ard to spy.. Kekekeke) How will they feel to see us so upset? How would you feel to know that you have increased their burden? :)I know everyone is sad. I’m sad for JM, you are sad for HJL, she is sad for Kyu, she is sad for Saengie, another one sad for HJB. But time to wake up already. Mourning for a few days, ok. No problem.. it takes time. But being so depress, not worthwhile. Because you think back, what are u EXACTLY upset for? For the boys? They surely won’t want that. For DSP? Crazy for us to do that.. Lol”

(fyi, it’s 10 tweets) ~@violettacal

another tweets:

@violettacal tweet

~She also posted wise thoughts about this matter, check it at:



Disband still the worst thing that I could think of after those rumours and news. We should prepare for the worst now. What’s the worst thing? They go on with individual career, maybe?

What shall we do now? Fall apart? Let SS501 go individually with their careers and we do that too? We leave them alone?


Shall we stay strong together? We maintain TripleS together regardless SS501 solo career and support each one of them as TripleS?


Another thing I want to share:

What being a TripleS really means ...

credit: Michelle (@mjardz08 at twitter)

~Love ya~



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  1. I never lose my trust and faith on them.. not any asingle second. Whatever may happen, wherever they are, my prayers are always be with them.

    But the only thing makes me mad is when I saw some tweets that bashing HJL, put all faults on him, and suddenly all he did to us are forgotten. I believe we can be strong if we stay together. TOGETHER !!

  2. hiks~
    terharu ngebacanya..

  3. OMO~~~ i’m crying when i read this.
    i can’t deny that i’m sad and disapointed.
    but all of us must get stronger for them. we must believe them.
    they ask us to believe, so we’ll do it.
    we must start to believe everything they’ll do, it’s the best for their life, whatever it be and whatever it risk..
    thanks for this, ka dan.
    Love Ya ❤

  4. ThanKyu for ur words.. :’)
    Now i remember why i decide to be a Triple S previously..

    Sometimes i keep thinking bad about our boys of late, b/c the rumour around us.. N now i’m realize that, the most important thing is believe on ss501, not every one, as Mai have said..

    Being a Triple s really makes me a little different than before.. I got a LOT of friends, and more than that, i’ve regard them as my family.. Finally, i realise that all Triple s in the world was a family for me.. They always there when i feel sad or happy, cuz juz they who understand my feelings about ss501, more than my friends in the school. N Triple S there becuz of SS501.. I can’t accept if SS501 disband *the worst possibility*, all of we should separate too.. I juz hope we keep together to support ssboys.. I believe, this event would makes us even stronger than before..


  5. Thank you for all the comments. I hope this can make you all strong after all those rumors.

    by the way, I just realized, there are 2 Mai here. Maisimus and Mai Anh Nguyen. kkkk..^^

  6. keep hwaiiting Triple S !!!!!!!!
    we have to be strong
    time to show our best support to our boys
    and also prepare for the worst

    HWAITING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thank you so much for this my dear:) I know we are all doubting, all are questioning our strongest beliefs… But in our hearts we know, we all only want what’s best for THEM!! We may joke around and act like we only love them cuz they’re handsome, and plain hot… Which they totally are xD But what we truly love ss501 for.. What it really means to be triple s… Is to believe in their hearts, to believe they only do what’s best, for them and for everyone else… And even though it may hurt,even if the pain seems too much.. We will endure it, because we are true tripleS, and we want what’s best. Not for us, but for them! So stay strong, and keep believing in them:) it’ll be worth it!<33 love you all, my starlights, my friends and truly my sisters… ❤


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