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I just jot down briefly what happiness that made me feel high…

That Wednesday, when I went out with my friends I was so happy. I enjoyed that moment so much. But then when I realized that the next day the result would come out, I got damn nervous. Surprisingly, I pass! [HAPPY #1 – Pass the exam, even got DISTICTION for my chemistry, the lowest mark is CREDIT for Global_and_Indigenous_Public_Health]

The next happiness: *warning! SS501 related*

there is a poll from DKP site (Korean News), that are going to make a message book to A K-Pop group. At the very first time they (DKP) announce this poll, I just spread it and made it not-so-obvious. Because I as a Triple S, had to compete with other fandom. The scariest (at that time) was ELF. I gave out warning for my followers in twitter not to tell ELFs. First few days, SS501 were either 1st or 2nd place, competing with Super Junior. Then, I thought “mm.. good job” and I didn’t worry for the next few days. Until some day later, I saw DBSK won by about 2000ish vote. “Damn!” SS501 beat Super Junior but was defeated by DBSK”. 2000 ish vote? I thought it was undefeatable… I gave up. Until that Thursday HAPPY #2 – I saw the result: “DKP is going to make message for SS501 even though DBSK won the poll!” Isn’t that unbelievable? I believe that’s a present from GOD! Well, DKP said the reason was because DBSK members are not all together in Korea, so it would be difficult to give the message book. But still, that is unbelievable that there was such a reason to help SS501.

On the next day, ie. Friday. I was online in the evening. I saw a trending session for SS501. (Triple S was trending #SS501forever) What do you think happened? I, who was expecting nothing much from SS501, got the news that SS501 won a platinum award for their song “Let Me Be The One”!!! [HAPPY #3 – SS501 won an award] Once again, I thank God for this!!!  (Check the trending : Twitter #SS501forever trending)

 <– click here to watch to “Let Me Be The One” MovieVideo


That’s it, all that I can remember about the HAPPIEST MOMENTS IN MY HOLIDAY)


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