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Missing-you-so-bad Syndrome

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I stare at a distance

Looking at nothing but emptiness

You are not there anymore

My eyes are getting wet

Tears can’t be stopped from flowing

Moreover, my heart…

I cannot stop my heart to cry out your name

I miss you


Too long without you,

It feels like, it’s a good bye

Though neither of us ever said so

Last time you said …

That there will be a next time


It’s been a long time,

I thought I must forget you

But I never want to leave you

Though everyone said it’s a bad thing to be with you

My heart still strongly love you


I believe you don’t want to just disappear like this

I believe you still love your pretties

I believe you will come

I believe you will stand there again and smile

I believe and I am sure I will hear your voice again


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