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Friday Misfortune

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Hi, I just want to share this a misfortune moment with you guys. Kekeke… (now I can laugh at myself, at that time I annoyed!)

Well, it was Friday the 6th of August 2010. I actually woke up pretty early as in 7.30am. I thought it was early because I thought I have much time to get ready before my class that starts at 9am. J So I turned on my laptop and had my devotional time. As I finish, I went tweeting and look around the web and stuff till about 8am. Then, I check the bus timetable. !!! I need to leave the house at 8.20am because the bus will depart from my bus stop at 8.31am. So I was like (O.O)! I didn’t have time to take a shower. I just jumped off my bed and changed my pyjamas and brushed my hair. I turned off my laptop and just grab my bag. Put on my slipper or sandal (Sepatu-sandal ~what’s the correct English term?)  Then I rushed to the kitchen and made a cup of Milo. Gulped it and ran to catch up with my housemate who was catching the same bus but already left. >.<

I ran to the bus stop and arrived there safely. *sighed by that time* My bus hasn’t arrived yet. I put on a smile and started chatting with my housemate. Then a few minutes later my bus arrived. I went on the bus. I sat in the nearly full bus. (So I didn’t get to sit next to my housemate, we were sitting far apart because there are only a few empty seats are available). I sighed. I took out my mobile phone and wonder where my class is, while the bus was already moving.  Just before I opened my timetable in mobile phone, I already remembered that my first class on that day that starts at 9am is a food lab! SHOCKED!!! Why was I shocked? Because I didn’t bring my lab coat! Well, at that point, I thought, “I will be late if I stopped here to go back home and caught the next bus. (The next bus departs at 9.01am. Ok lah, I just rent the lab coat there for $2.” While thinking of this, I stared outside the bus and saw that the bus had just passed 1 bus stop after my bus stop. I was sad, I looked down. DOUBLE SHOCK!!! I was wearing unclosed shoes! My heart almost stopped beating. So I just pressed the bell to stop the bus at the next stop. So I went off 2 bus stops away from my bus stop and walk back home to change my sandals to shoes and to get my lab coat.

While walking, I was really sad, angry, anxious, afraid… All mixed in one. I was also thinking how can I get to my class as early as possible (because I thought I would be late for sure as the next bus would came 1 minute past 9.) Just as I was walking towards my house, just in front of my neighbour’s house, all the papers in my file fell off! Oh, S****! I was carrying my file upside down all the way! Huh!!!!!! I went down and collected all the papers that were all scattered. L  I got home, open the door. I saw my houseparent, Bernard. “What happened?” He asked.  I answered, “I forgot something…” Bernard, “Then you missed the bus!?” “Yeah, can you please drop me off???” I pleaded. Bernard said ok. So I rushed to my room, quickly changed my slipper. While doing that, my houseparent, Jo (as for Joke – read Yo-Ke  – a Holland name), called me and told me that they are ready to go! Huaaa… I just slipped in my feet in my shoes after I put on my socks. Then I grab my lab coat and just threw it to a paper bag. (It was “3” paper bag, my mobile phone bag) and ran outside!

Thank God and thank my houseparents, I arrived at uni 5 minutes to 9am! By then, the only challenge left was how to get to the class in 5 minutes! My houseparents dropped me off near the bus stop that was on the east side of the uni. My class was on the building 400 which is located on the west side of the uni (just before the stadium). Plus, my class is on the first floor – the entrance is on the second floor! L

I was brisk walking all the way! Fortunately, the class hadn’t started yet when I arrived to the class. J Yeay! Thank you Lord! It’s a happy ending story, as we all cooking for the lab! Hehehehe…  we had to cook a stir fry with Asian greens. Funny thing is that we were all cooking using the lab coat and hair net. Hahaha…

The result : Mee goreng and fried rice.

Fried Rice made in lab

Mee Goreng made in Lab


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