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I don’t know how to put this. This far, after so long without SS501 news at all, it feels like my SS501 craziness has decreased a lot. For your information, I think I already passed my withdrawal symptoms -perhaps-.

Lately, I became closer to God. Especially after the Youth Camp. I (myself, my own personal view feeling) felt like I’m growing in Lord. Especially since 3days ago, I went to Bible Study, KKR (Kebaktian Kebangkitan Rohani – Revival Serivce ?not sure with my own translation? ). Though none of each touched me dramatically. But because of them all, I feel like I’m growing in Christ.

Last night or the night before, an idea popped out in my mind. I want to fast. No tweeting for a week!

So, from Sunday, 8 August 2010 till Sunday, 15 August 2010 I’m not going to tweet. I won’t go to TweetDeck or Twitter website to update my status. But I still tweet through some sites that are linked to my twitter (such as this blog or formspring). I say that is not tweeting!!! As I am a twitter addict, I couldn’t help myself to peek to twitter and read my mentions. 😦

Till this time, I haven’t tweet at all since yesterday. 😦 I saw many mentions. But unfortunately darlings, I cannot reply them through twitter. 😦


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