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Dancing with the star #1

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It has been a while since my last post. I was too lazy to write and have no mood in writing.

Now I am so bored, so I decided to write things that I’d like to share…


To begin with, I assume you know that I’m that into K-Pop (Korean Pop Songs) . I am really loving it and I enjoy making new friends who loves KPop as well. I joined some forums and groups.

It was sad that at that time, I didn’t know if there is also KPop lover here in Perth.. 😦 Until one day, I found someone who loves KPop as well! And she lives in Perth!

We were in touch via Facebook an twitter. Then, she recommended me to a group in Facebook. Guess what? It was korean lover in Perth (can’t remember the exact name -sorry)

So I joined that group and visit that group once in a while. One day, I got a message from that group asking about cover dance.

Honestly, I am not into dancing at all! But at that time, just for the sake of KPop, I replied and ask informations.

Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful. XD They were looking for a “real” dancer and I am not. I didn’t mind (didn’t care at all – actually).


A few weeks ago, I get another message from you-don’t-know-who (I didn’t know her too at that time) asking if anyone interested in dancing and plus: it will be an easy dancing / beginner class. Once again, I replied and said I am interested. (And I really mean it! I AM INTERESTED!)

I use my “stalking” ability to search and get to know you-don’t-know-who. I found out that you-don’t-know-who is actually a famous person! She is famous for dance covering KPop dances. DAEBAK! (Want to know who she is??? Go here: kaotsun )

~~~however~~~ I was not able to attend the first class because I had to teach Sunday School class. ~~~~~~

So, the next week which was the 12 September 2010, I came to that dance class. I felt … weird … awkward … shy.. etc etc. Why? I was coming there alone on the second week. 😦 Problems: 1. I don’t know anyone! 2. I miss out everything on the first week! T.T

But when I arrived there.. I met another 3 girls who was very nice and started talking to me. 🙂 I think, 2 of them also just came that week (missed out the 1st week). So… problem 80% overcome!! ehehehe..

Then… you-don’t-know-who arrived… I greeted her and she greeted me too. (I was 501% shy, ok! >.<)

The dance class was okay, considering it was my first time. We were dancing 4Minute’s “HUH”. It’s a quite famous song (if you know KPop). I can follow you-don’t-know-who ‘s lesson but I didn’t catch few movements. >.< I missed some movements – I have problem memorizing dance movements. etc etc… But the atmosphere was good! Everyone enjoyed it and … *spotlights on* “WE TALKED ABOUT KPOP!” hehehe…

BUT… half way through the dance class (it was running for 2 hrs) I got stomachache.. not really stomachache that is really painful or what. It was just really an uncomfortable feeling in your tummy. T.T So, I can’t dance properly + I was tired too.. 😦 I thought it was because I had too much lunch?? My lunch has already gone bad and I ate it?? I didn’t know… That time I really wanted the class to be over soon. T.T

3.00pm – class ended! Relieved! hehehe… I went home by catching a train then a bus. I felt really tired and tummy still uncomfortable. T.T


The next day, I was still feeling weak and uncomfortable. My twitter friend told me that I might be “masuk angin”. Hmm… maybe true…. cuz the day before the dance class, I went to play sport (volleyball) and went out for bubble tea and come home a little late. Conclusion: I overworked myself. Treatment: Balsem.


I tell you.. the next day (so it’s 2 days after the class, ie. Tuesday) I am well again. And… I started to practice the dance movements!

Duh! It is so fun I can dance… that I dance almost everyday… hahahah..


Part #2 coming soon

(spoiler: dance class week 2)


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  1. mmm… I love dance, too =)


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