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Tell me if I’m wrong


This is me.

This is the life I live.

The life I chose to live.


I chose to try everything since the past was only allowing me to just do one particular thing in focus. If I knew it was the good way, I wouldn’t get away from it even though it’s painful. I but I had the choice. I rebelled to get that choice. Tears were shed that time.


There. I tasted freedom though it wasn’t a total freedom. It was limited. But I tasted it, I liked it that time. Chance. It wasn’t there all the time. Ambition was not there either. Now, I felt like that freedom time had been wasted. I didn’t really get what I want.


Now, I am left with nothing. I used that freedom time just to taste bits and pieces from here and there, nothing in particular.  Nothing was taken in deep.

Now, when I looked around, I see those with something. Something to be proud of. Something just to hold on to. Something worthy. I am left with nothing except those little bits and pieces I’d gather in past times. I feel like I have nothing to be proud of, at all.

When I think about it, I’ve let my dream away. I’ve been in confusion of what and where about is my life now. Those people, who has been with me all this time, my family, are the ones who holds me together, not shattered. Because of them I felt I am still worth living. They are the reason for me to live.


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