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Hello! ^^ It has been a long time since I wrote about SS501 or Korean things. Today, I will write the news so far.

1. KyuJong and Young Saeng have got a new management agency.

After so long the last 2 members finally signed with B2M Entertainment.

Making it all SS501 members already have management agency and so they return to their  music and entertainment activities. TripleS, please remember to support SS501 members individual activities too, ok?

2. Kim Hyun Joong finally finished shooting for “Mischievous Kiss”

Right! Tomorrow 21 Oct 2010 will be the last episode of Mischievous Kiss. After months of hard work,our leader Kim Hyun Joong finally finishes his shooting activity for the drama. Though the drama didn’t received high ratings, Triple S and Kim Hyun Joong fans everywhere are showing their love by watching and downloading the drama.

3. SS501 comeback!!!

Serious!? I’d say yes! This is the latest and most exciting news I heard today. According to Kim Hyung Joon, SS501 will comeback in 2011.

4.Triple S power + HeoYoungSaeng’s Birthday projects

Heo Young Saeng ‘s birthday projects:

Other projects:

If you want to send gifts or letters to our SS501 members:



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