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How I’ve fallen for Kim Kyu Jong

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I was awake this morning like 2am and couldn’t sleep afterward. I tried to study for half an hour. Then somehow I felt like writing this.

The very root of what makes me love SS501 may be traced back since I first get to know Asian dramas. The first Asian drama I watched was probably “Oshin” a Japanese drama. But back then I was about 3 years old and know nothing. The drama that captured me was this “Meteor Garden”, a Taiwanese drama. It was so damn popular back then. I was still in primary school about year 5 maybe. Back then my parents still put on a lot of control over me, so I couldn’t watch that drama thoroughly. It was aired like 9 or 10pm and that time I had to go to bed. So how did I watch? I sneaked and find excuses to get out of my room and watch the TV. Well, they weren’t that successful. But I know the storyline from magazines, news and from my friends at school! From there, I start loving and watching Asian dramas (if I could).

Then how did KPop came into me? Well, once again a little surroundings influence caused it to happen. That time, Boys Over Flower, a Korean drama, became so popular. Well, at first I actually don’t really pay much attention because Boys Over Flower has similar storyline to Meteor Garden. In my opinion, I thought I already know the story so why bother watching the same thing again. (P.S: I didn’t watch the Japanese Version of Meteor Garden too, ie Hana Yori Dango). But there were so many people were talking about it, so at the end I got carried away by those people and watched it on my summer holiday (ie Dec-Jan holiday). Somehow, I loved it!

This time after watching the drama, I fall for Yoon Ji Hoo. As I have the capability to search him out. (Previously, in Indonesia I rarely search an actor or actress or anything about the drama because I rarely get internet connection.) So, as I searched for “Yoon Ji Hoo” in the search engine, it gave out “Kim Hyun Joong”. When I searched “Kim Hyun Joong”, SS501 also appears. 1st attractive point! He is a singer as well. This made me even more curious about him. I wanted to see him perform and sing. Thus, I searched him in youtube. Then it was my first time seeing Kyu Jong.

At first, when I watched SS501 MVs, I was so confused. Who is who??? I looked again and again to know which one is Kim Hyun Joong, which one is Heo Young Saeng, which one is Kim Kyu Jong, which one is Park Jung Min and which one is Kim Hyung Jun. Well, my first impression of the group was “a typical Asian singer group” “their song is okay” blablabla. The point is I wasn’t really into it (just yet). But also I found out that this group is really confusing! There is kim hyun joong and kim hyung jun! When I type Kim Hyung Jung in a search engine, Kim Hyun Joong show up. Even (that time) I saw this “Did you mean Kim Hyun Joong?” T.T that time I felt sorry for Kim Hyung Jun. Then the 2nd confusing bit. In Love Like This MV (the 1st SS501 MV I watched), I couldn’t differentiate Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Kyu Jong. (>.< Aargh…) That time I felt, why Kim Hyun Joong is so confusing?

Therefore, I searched him and SS501 more often. I watched their clips in youtube. On the mid sem 1 break, I watched Thank You For Waking Us Up. This reality show made me fall for Kim Kyu Jong. (By this time I was already able to differentiate and recognize each member.) He’s a really nice and sweet person. He’s diligent and hard working. His shyness also made me liked him more. As I had fallen for him, now I searched Kyu Jong more than Hyun Joong. I found out many things that made me loved him even more.

Even though Kyu Jong couldn’t dance as good as Hyun Joong nor can he sing better than Young Saeng, not as outgoing and cheerful as Jung Min or not cute like Hyung Jun, I loved him the most. (No offense to other members and fans, it’s just my feeling.)


I might emphasize more if you want me to.


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  1. For once i’m someone’s stalker. So. Yeah. I read this too. XD And it made me smile a lot. It’s basically everything i’ve been through when i was falling for SS501. BOF, then Ji Hoo, then Hyun Joong, then SS501, then LLT MV, then ‘WTH! Why do they all look the same and have the same names?’ The only different thing is i fell for Jung Min first. XD
    If you wanna know a secret…after watching LLT 13857193 times, trying to remember the names of the members, i suddenly looked at Kyu and wondered ‘Wait…who is he? Has he been there all along?’ Poor Kyu. If he knew….XD


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