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Me – no talent, nothing special on me

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I have spent 19 years living on earth but I felt I’m going nowhere. By this time, I saw many people had used their talents really well. But somehow, I haven’t found mine yet. Somehow, I don’t know what I am good at. I don’t really know what my passion really is. I have stepped on studying Nutrition due to the pressure of going to university. Well, actually it was an Indonesian culture that you go to university as soon as you graduate high school if your parents can support you to –and my dad can-.

But here I am. I felt bad. I saw many talented people showing off and using their talents really well. Some might not be really good, but they have passion on something and they work hard on it. Me? Nothing.

I feel like I have searched here and there. I like this and that. But I never stay long on something in particular. I am the type that can do things but not really good on them. I am the type when hardships come I go away. I can stay there long enough if there are things that made me hang on to it and won’t let it go or cannot let me go.

So now, I will just walk and go on, empty handed. Just walk and see people with something. Scatter the pieces of my heart that is broken, torn by jealousy. Howl the pain no one would hear.


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  1. But. But but but. Don’t be so harsh to yourself. ;_; You know, i used to be exactly where you are. Searching is good. The more you search, more chances you get to find your path. Look at me. I’ve been struggling to find something i wanted to do for 3 years. I go away in front of hardships too, and i’ve had a hard time seeing all of my friends succeeding in the very first path they took after high school. Like if they’ve always known their place and they were also good at that.
    I’m sure in the end you’ll find your true passion. We all do. Just not at the same time. \o/


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