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I planned to sort of ignore my birthday this year. I just want to use my space in my brain to think for something else more important! \o/ probably I’ll just go out and stargaze.

For a few years birthdays, I’ve always wanting to make something special. But as always, – as my birthday is on a regular part of the year which means there is always stuffs and tests and assignments to do- I couldn’t make it really SPECIAL as I wanted. I could NOT really ENJOY the event I prepare. *sigh*

So, this year I don’t want to think about doing anything. Maybe some friends or relatives will do something for my birthday like those years before. But I decided, I AM NOT EXPECTING ANYTHING. I just want to forget it. 😛 but I don’t think I can. I just want to ENJOY the day. If I meant to be alone, I’ll ENJOY it alone. If some people celebrates it for me, I will ENJOY the company of those loving people. I want to think a win-win condition. It’ll make me HAPPY!

p.s. sorry I just write this random birthday post after I saw Jung Minnie birthday party. xD It seemed so fun. I felt so happy when I saw him so happy. I also feel it’s so sweet when Minnie hug the fans one by one. AWWW… sorry I’m shouting. I just wonder if I can hug him too! xD. yes, especially the one he hugged and swung the fans. *shouts again* xD

okay… until then. bye~~~ 안녕!!! ^^


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