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[random] Just wanna let it out…

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Please beware the post below is really random and maybe doesn’t make sense.

Most people can read and write. Most people can write words and sentences. But every literature one makes is different to one another. The language, the words, the way one choose and arrange the words into sentences and to link each sentences or broke the sentences, those things make a writing different. How one can put a meaning into the writing. The way one can convey the writing into a work of art. The way one enjoy the movement of handwriting, the aesthetic value of it and many more. One even learn and study about literature. Reading, comprehending, and interpret a work of art is an art itself.

I. I think I just like to express myself in words that is written. The way it is written, the way that I can make a beautiful (that’s what I think) rhyme out of a story of a writing, also that I can really think carefully about what I should and what I shouldn’t say (write). Like this example:

I want that so bad! I even dreamt about it! I think about it and wishing it to come true. But I’m so stupid that I let my pride to bury that. Somehow I don’t feel well if I say it out and ask people. Why? Even I am frustrated with this question! Why can’t I just ask for it? Dumb. I know. It’s not a wish you want to tell people. It is a wish which I want to come up itself. Ask my family? Naaah.. I got it from them already. Have you sensed it? Yeah, something I want from my friends… Well.. I’m opening up to this – a little bit-. But how can they call  I call them friends but they don’t know what I have inside? *smirk* yeah, I cover up too much maybe? Well, I don’t think so. I’m a little bit more open now. I feel I have “friends” now. But yeah… that wish might be buried till it becomes my dream no more.”

 Words… Sentences… I like to jumble them sometime. Making the meaning and what I want to say more mysterious and hidden. Hehehe.. weird? You judge yourself. 😛
Words.. Sentences… I like to use them repeatedly sometime. To emphasize what is inside my mind and express it to the world. 😉 Does that sucks?

Well… that’s just the way I write things of my own. kekekke…

Sorry.. I’m really depressed lately… I cannot think well. 😛 Next time, I’ll write something that makes more sense.  


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