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Kwon Ji Young (G-Dragon)

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I admit I admire this genius! He debuted in tv as a child rapper. He still rap till now, even sing, dance, and produce songs!

Once I stumble upon a song that’s very catchy. I guess I heard it first at BigBang’s Beethoven Virus Parody. Daesung was dancing to this song. I thought it was just an ordinary trot song that is like any other trot song. (YES IT IS A TROT SONG that made me crazy about him!)  Then I think it was Night After Night Show, where there was Daesung, GD, and TOP. They were discussing about songs that GD made. Or if not that it was KARA’s Idol Army, where Daesung was the guest and HaRa was dancing to this song to make Daesung laugh. Then I went to search about this song just out of curiosity.. then I saw a comment below (I watched/listened to it on youtube) that GD composed this song on a show for a girl! Dang! And then I watched the show… Man.!!! GD really did compose this song on the spot!!!

watch this from 0:28 – 1:18 that’s the exactly first time GD sang it. Man, he was so heartbroken that I really pity him for what happened to him. He really looked like he’s breaking down… T.T

GD is without a question a true song writer, even his words that portray his feelings are so well said,

” Hold my hand” “Don’t let go of me” “Grab it before I lose my mind” “Right now, the car is moving… It’s just like my heart… It’s shaking… and it’s chaotic”

see!? Even those, for me it’s so poetic. A beautiful way to put down words… ;_ ; *feeling the torn heart of GD*


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  1. Yeah,I think the same way tOo . It’s really given me the pain that JiyOung@Gd Oppa heartbrOken On that time..But,never give up in everything . Be happy always GD. . We’ll always giving yOu a suppOrt..GD fighting!!


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