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July blog update!

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Hi all you who came here to read my posts!

First of all I am sorry I didn’t write (anything) this month. I was really busy. >.< I planned to write a [DRAMA REVIEW] for SungKyunKwan Scandal because I finished watching it earlier this month. But I went to church camp in which it took quite some of my free time. But from camp, I wrote some stuffs too in my book which might get into the blog. hehehe…

Second thing is …

I am going to make a new section in the blog about FOOD! <yeay!> As one of my friend inspires me to put some stuff that I like in which I’m currently studying, I had this will to write some stuff about food!~ Another friend of mine from the same field of study put up food stuffs frequently on this cyber world. So that’s another inspiration for me to put up a new section here! ^^

Another thing I wanted to say is I also wanted to do some review of Kpop. Well, Eat Your Kimchi site inspires me to give out my opinion freely. Thus there is the [DRAMA REVIEW] posts and now I also want to review some Kpop songs too. I hope they don’t mind that I’m doing the same thing. But I’m going to just write my review and not to post a video review. [Link to Eat Your Kimchi youtube site] 😛

So, yeah… enjoy your day!


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