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OMG!!! I realised that it has been months since I post anything.( T.T) I promised I’ll write this and that in my last post but things kinda got twisted. This semester has been the worst one so far. I was kinda fallen deep into depression and don’t care about anything, thus jumping into stupid conclusions. But thank God I’m still alive till now. (I may talk about this later). So yeah, now the semester come into an end and I am outta shape. Being stressed made me fatter and really unfit. >.<. While I was stressing about exam, somehow my mind didn’t wanna work together with me and wander around instead. I was thinking about many things.

When I was stressed I ate a lot and slept a lot. I just don’t want to do anything. Try to forget everything. These resulted in me gaining weight. This state of physical health was discovered to in a fitness test in one of my subject I took. It was measuring fitness level. I put my expected fitness level as POOR, just for a joke. There were 5 levels: Superior, Excellent, Good, Fair and Poor. I thought I won’t be in the bottom, I’ll be fair. But the result showed that I was really really poor! OMG! I was kinda shocked and thought an action should be taken soon. (As soon as I finished exam, I think).

Yeah, so I was thinking about taking this fitness class in the campus’ gym. At the beginning of the year I didn’t even consider it because it was kinda expensive. But now I think it is quite reasonable. The day after I finished exam, I went to the gym ask about the prices and stuffs. I’m still contemplating. I need to go back in shape and have more exercise, take care about my diet, etc. But I am not the type of person who likes to go exercise. I like to exercise when I can socialize as well, in other words I can have fun with friends and be more motivated. I tend to lose track when I do stuffs on my own, because no one would care to remind me to do so. When I say excuses to myself, I tend to let it go and it becomes a positive feedback cycle until I don’t do anything at the end. *sigh* Secondly, I planned to go to this fitness class every morning during holiday. I would go to the gym walking (which takes about 45mins). But now I am not so sure because the classes they offer only commence in early morning (i’m talking about 6-7am) or midday (12pm) or late (4-7pm). *pouts* this hours are not so convenient. :S

Talking about another things, during exam weeks my mind wandered around. Got distracted with this Kpop Concert in Sydney. A part of my heart still can’t accept the fact that I am not going there. ;( Well, I thought the ticket price was not bad if it was compared to other concerts’ price. But then the flight from Perth to Sydney and going back cost like AUD400. Then I still need to book a hotel room or motel or backpackers or any place to sleep, right? So in total – tickets, transportation and accommodation- comes to about AUD1000-ish. This amount of money… where can I get it? Well I do have money in my bank account but I don’t have the heart to spend this much of money, this much of my dad’s hard work. I kept getting this information that my dad is working really hard back in Indonesia, getting thinner, work late and eating less. Knowing this and remembering that I go to Perth is for studying made me decide to not go to that concert. (and that part of my heart still wishes that I will once watch Kpop concert with English translation). ;(

Okay, that’s it for now. I talked too much in this post. I’ll review SungKyungKwan Scandal soon, and since I watched Protect The Boss, I’ll write a review for that afterward. Now as I’m in holiday, do you want to suggest what drama or show that I should watch and write a review for?


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