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[MV Review] Big Bang – Blue

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My first impression of the song was LOVE. I really love the song, the melody, the rhythm or the beat and of course the voices. This time Big Bang use “ballad song” for the title song of their album, not like Big Bang I know that is so Hip Hop, R n B, and clubby song style. The song is so smooth and fine. At first it’s like having this soothing effect. Another thing I love about this song is that GD has this melodic rap. I mean it’s like he’s singing with this notes and stuff but he’s actually rapping. (sorry, couldn’t describe it better).


First time studying the MV (without understanding the lyrics), I get the point about this girl who is doing the same thing as Big Bang did (running, standing, etc) is some kind of a soul. Or is it the other way around, Big Bang is the soul?  But then the video leads to the conclusion that Big Bang is losing its soul, it’s like living without a soul.

Big Bang member always have a new concept for each album and everytime it is always surprising look: Seungri’s metal earrings, Daesung’s white bleached hair, TOP’s blue hair, TaeYang’s bold Mohawk. GD didn’t show much of his hair (though he did show his new hair in the teaser video and the websites) but I think his fashion stands out compared to the other member. The other member have this dark gloomy style of clothes (as the song talks about blue or sad feeling) but GD’s “gloomy” style is still kind of swag. After GD, it’s TOP who has this red long coat. I didn’t say red is cannot represent sadness, it’s just so striking compared to the other member who’s wearing black or white clothes.


After understanding the lyrics, I learned that it is a sad song. The video has the same meaning with the lyrics of the song. (Well, some other singers or songs have totally different MV meaning to its own song). It is about someone who misses his lover so much that he’s feeling blue. He couldn’t feel her anymore even he misses her so much.



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