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what is wrong with Kpop?

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As you guys know that I liked Kpop so much, I wanted to write and talk about the bad side; the thing that people dislike and what is really not good. I’d like to write these things from my experience and knowledge about K-pop and keep it as objective as possible.

I personally have liked Kpop for at least two years, I think. I have been in the place of a newbie in K-pop who was mesmerized by those K-pop idols. Idols? Yeah, it is what they called those singers/dancers who perform K-pop songs.But as time goes by and I learnt to live a normal life back again, I am not that fascinated anymore, well not to the level I was back then.

So with this post I want put my opinion about the “dark side” of K-pop.

Firstly, they are idols. According to idol refers to: image or other material object representing a deity to which religious worship is addressed. image of a deity other than God.

b.the deity itself.
3.any person or thing regarded with blind admiration,adoration, or devotion.

As many people said why they disliked K-pop, they are idols, a puppet or an object. Most of them aren’t true artist. They may have the ability to sing, dance and perform on stage. But most of them are not singing the songs they write themselves, most of them didn’t choreograph their own dancing routines, most of them didn’t design the costumes they’re wearing in a performance and I believe they are not creating the concept of their album on their own. Well, I don’t think other artists (other than Kpop idols) can do these things themselves. But maybe Kpop shows this too obviously.

Second bad thing of the Kpop is the fans. Being a quite impulsive fans once, I know the inside things of the fans. May some of you won’t believe there are quite some terrible things happening in the circle of being in a fans group. As this blog post may be read by someone who doesn’t know much about Kpop, I’ll break it down a bit. In Kpop, a singer or a group that has debuted and became known to public will usually have a fandom. Fandom is a fan base where the fans of the singers talk about them and share things like the photos, news, etc. Each singer/group will have a specific name for their fandom, for example SS501-Triple S; DBSK-Cassiopea; Big Bang – VIP; Wonder Girls – Wonderful; SNSD – Sone; Super Junior – E.L.F.; and so much more. The “strength of love” of the fans range from just enjoying their music and performance to a disturbing level. When you go deep into the fans group, you will see cyber wars here and there. There will be fans that are “protecting” their idols and those that they call “antis” which refer to anyone who hates their idols. They may rage war to those who says some critics or some things that are maybe a bit not nice against the idols.

Lately, I found out about another “division” of fans which I think it has a very high level of disturbance, called “sasaeng fans”. I haven’t known much about this type but from what I know these people has been really literally idolizing their idol or even more. This type of fans are scary. From what I read online and saw in youtube, those sasaeng fans has no life other than stalking and “enjoying” the life of the idols. They are like the detectives that stalk and intrude the personal life of their idols, some things are really inappropriate even violate the laws.

Ok, let’s move to the other point.

The next point I’d like to say is the pitiful life of the idol.

K-pop is an industry where the company is very well armed and aim at all aspects of a music industry. They aim at the visual aspects, like the dress, the appearance, the dances, etc. They also aim at musical and song. They even aim at personal aspects. The company may buy songs, hire great choreographer, have best designer, have studios for shooting the music videos, have dancing practice rooms, and they have idols. Out of those people I think idols are the ones that suffer the most because they are the ones that is presented to the market. Those idols are kept as a precious gems by the company. They are “locked” in the dorms (well, maybe it’s not this cruel). I guess they work everyday by practicing dancing/ singing. They cannot wander off easily. In the early days of idols, I heard those idols are not allowed dating because the reason is that their reputation and  popularity will decrease. They don’t get much holidays. They get swarmed by fans. No really personal life.

This point leads to the fourth point on other reason people don’t like Kpop. Many people don’t like Kpop because the idols have plastic surgery.

From what I know, in South Korea, people have some standards in beauty. They like V-shaped face, double eyelids, and other stuffs. (couldn’t remember at the moment). Most people got pressured because of these standards and go on plastic surgery to get the appearance feature they wanted. This pressure also affects the idols. I think even before they debuted they already got “correction”. I even once watched a testimony of an idol who wanted to do surgery on her bone because her body is not curvy. Well, plastic surgery is always debatable. Idols are made to please the eye, so plastic surgery is a common thing and it is assumed acceptable. But others may say it is fake or some other things.

I am writing this late night/early morning so maybe this post is hard to understand. That’s ok. I’m just on a mood swing. The thing I want to get across is that I know actually Kpop is not that wonderful, fascinating, fantastic or what to be worshiped. But I still like Kpop. I like the fact they are an eye candy, ear candy. I admit I used to like Kpop because I was fascinated by the personality of the idols. But now since something happened, I just like Kpop for its music and its performance. I think popular western songs are a bit dirty or arrogant. The presentation of the song is different, and I prefer Kpop.


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  1. Agree agree agree. Kpop is not all flowers and roses like some claim. It’s better not to be too deep into it.



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