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[K-Movie Review] Mr.Idol

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Reason of watching:I just watch this movie because I was bored with my study.


The movie is nice. It has very good flow, no scene is strange and everything is kinda logically happen, no exaggeration at all.

The ending though is a little (almost negligible) weird.

Let’s cut the story short (aka the synopsis):

The movie is about entertainment industry that “produce” idol groups. The story follows a manager/producer of a boyband called Mr. Children, Oh Gu Ju. There were tragic accident that cost the life of the vocalist. This incident affects her and the boyband.

3 years later, she was invited by the company who produce Mr.Children. She wanted to manage them again but instead the company ask her to manage new group. She didn’t want to do other group so she left the company and look for the boys. Because the vocalist was dead, she did a talent search and found a rock band singer, Eugene. She tried to get Eugene to sing as a solo without his band, but he disagreed. Finally, she could get him by paying his nephew’s hospital fee for 24 months. She trained the boys very hard and with minimum cost. However, prior to debut Ji Oh (one of the boys) who has a bad temper suddenly attack the rival group from the other company (the company that previously employ Oh Gu Ju). Thus, she pulled back their debut time and instead debuting on a music program on TV they start singing for patients and disabled people. The response was great and Mr. Children starts to get popular.

However, when they started to get popular, many bad things happen to shake them. The company director wants them too and persuade Oh Gu Ju to “sell” Mr. Children to their company. But Oh Gu Ju coldly turned down the offer. Then, after this incident there were videos of Eugene auditioning at the company but he said bad things that cause public disturbance. Thus, all their activities were put on halt. At one point, Oh Gu Ju and the group made a press conference and at this conference Eugene said he’s leaving the group because he felt he is the hindrance of the group.

There was one moment when Eugene found out that Oh Gu Ju really cherish the moment of past Mr. Children especially the former vocalist. He was so disappointed and left the group.

The members then were living their previous normal life again. Eugene works at the cafe/restaurant his dad owns.One night he wanted to play a CD in the cafe, but accidentally it was a CD from Oh Gu Ju for him. He was hesitant at first but then he search Oh Gu Ju. He went to their base but Oh Gu Ju had already gone to the airport. At the base the other manager got a letter which proves that Eugene was innocent, so he went to the broadcasting station, persuade the program producer and called Eugene to get Oh Gu Ju and the members ready for the broadcast later that night.

Eugene tried to find Oh Gu Ju in the airport by singing her song that was written for him. On the other place, the manager went to the broadcast venue and call Mr.Children member to come tonight via live broadcast. Finally, 5 minutes before the show ended all the members met and they perform at the last stage. The response were really great because the manager has spread the news that the problematic video of Eugene was actually a manipulated video by the other company.

At the end, that company director was captured. Oh Gu Ju and Eugene relationship was getting better they look really close to each other. (Next is the seriously-doesn’t-make-sense-scene) They were in the airport, Oh Gu Ju went to the restroom (toilet) and left her bag to be guarded by Eugene. But the bag suddenly rolls and “run” to a girls toilet. Oh Gu Ju chased the bag into the toilet and then there’s a white light shining. His hand caught up with Oh Gu Ju’s hand. Then they walk to their base, they all sing together with Eugene’s band, Oh Gu Ju playing piano, Mr. Children and the former vocalist of Mr. Children were there too singing. Seriously guys tell me how is that not weird?




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