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It’s April!

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So time flies, huh? It feels that way when we are feeling fine or happy or not having such hard time. Yes, this time I am feeling reasonably fine. šŸ™‚

Today is April 3rd. Just before it’s too far away, I’d like to say APRIL FOOL! (LOL) Because this year April 1st falls on a Sunday, I thought no one would play prank on me. I rarely got prank anyway. So as the day went on, I almost forgot that it’s an April fool day until a friend of mine play a lil’ prank on me. Fooling me to blow her Samsung phone to see if a picture could move (like in an iPhone). -____- I fell badly on it. BUT ANYWAY I’M HAPPY SOMEONE DIDN’T FORGET TO PRANK ME. LoL

Speaking of prank, I sometime thinks back and wonder why I didn’t get much prank. When watching or doing prank it seems fun. 慎慎慎

Talking about prank and It’s April! reminds me about my birthday next month. šŸ˜€ In my country those having birthday are so prone of getting prank(ed). I witnessed (and also did) pranks that are so bad. For example pouring water (or worse milk, soft drinks, etc) on the one having a birthday. Some might gave a “birthday surprise” at 00.00am that day. I wonder how it feels to have someone (some people) so determined to celebrate your birthday.

Celebrating birthday is always one of my special wish. I always wished to have a special celebration on my birthday. I got my dream birthday on my 17th bday. That time I was tired of celebrating it just with my family and relatives, I wanted to have a birthday party with my friends. After my 5th birthday I didn’t get birthday cake, so on that 17th birthday I wanted a birthday cake. Those two wishes was granted by my lovely parents. I was so happy.

For now, I still want to have a party but it becomes unnecessary. Celebrating doesn’t mean having party in a fancy restaurant (though sometime I wished for it šŸ˜› ). I prefer celebrating with those who really care and love me, those who are close to me in real life. And doing it doesn’t really need a special place, does it?

Talking about celebrating birthday, it leads to birthday presents! \o/ (I looked like a little kid, don’t I?) May I tell my wishes frankly? šŸ˜› I wish I could “support” those celebs I really like right nowby buying their stuffs.

Big Bang ALIVE mini-album


To be more frankly, I wish I could buy Big Bang’s album or their new mini-album ALIVE.









I also want plushies from Wong Fu’s store, especially that XL-sized awkward turtle

Awkward Turtle

or that awkward Panda.

Awkward Panda



It’s never wrong to dream.

Right? šŸ˜›


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