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Flower Boys

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Hi readers, I have been thinking of writing about this topic since weeks ago and targeted myself to post it on April. But today is already the 1st of May. D;

Okay, anyway let’s start…

The idea first came when I watched Simon and Martina’s Kpop Chart updates and they pointed out that a member of NU’EST (read: new east) looks like a girl. Simon even said that the girly-ness is way more than Hero Jaejoong. At first I was like “meh”. I didn’t really believe it until I saw that myself.

But before we start digging about NU’EST, I wanted to clarify that term “Flower Boy” first. According to, Flower Boys can be : (1) A boy that looks and acts feminine/girly. (2) Someone who is secretly interested in men but tries to cover up by using girls and breaking their hearts for no apparent reason. (3) A boy that is gay/girly/a fag.

It might not be wrong, but the “Flower Boy” that I wanted to talk about is those guys who take care of his appearance nearly as much as girl. In a way that they might use make up, style their hair, wear clothing that is fashionable, look very clean (usually no moustache or beard present) and they are usually lean/skinny. I’ll give you some example how normal (acceptable level of feminine-ness) flower boy look like:

Lee Min Ho

Song Joong Ki

Jung Il Woo

Kim Hyun Joong

Jae Joong

They are all beautiful aren’t they. But they are still straight men, okay.

Now, the problem is I am going to show you how feminine-ness could really be overloaded on to a men. I’ll be specifically talking and showing you how a boy look like a girl in a Music Video which can be watched by everyone who can access the internet. Why? Because there are so many Kpop boys who cross-dress to a girl just for fun in a certain show or concert. Many could pull it off well and became a really beautiful girl. But for me looking like a girl in a music video which promote a boyband group, I don’t think it is a good idea. I saw a couple of boys looking like a girl in a Music Video but NU’EST is like the big bomb. I’ll show you the other first then the “bomb” will come last:

Tae Min in Sherlock (Clue + Note) Music Video.
It's his long hair and his pretty face that made me think it's too far for being pretty.

Hee Chul in U Music Video.
He does look (too) very pretty with his long hair.


Finally, this is Ren from NU'EST in Face Music Video.
He really is too feminine with his blonde pony tailed hair.
May I add he's wearing pink while other member used mostly black clothes.


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