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I wish to write a proper writing here on my blog but today I just need to write to clear my mind because of this stupid assignment which makes me so frustrated. To cut the story short, I have to write about all the details of how we (me and my group) are going to measure things in our research-to-be (or an-imaginary-research-but-has-to-be-as-reasonable-as-ever). The thing is after I do journal & book research, I found out that there are many things that can be measured and there are many ways/methods to measure them. But we had to stick to our first inspirational-journal ways. But its way is just cannot make my mind clicks and runs to yield the result I wanted. Why? Because they don’t provide any justification of why they use it and how exactly those methods works. Then how am I going to reproduce it in my own words to my research-proposal? Dear blog, maybe it’s just my brain that had this thing we call short-circuit electric aka kortsluiting. My brain may just be not working properly, this you can see from my jumbled-full-of-jargon-with-non-sense words.

For real, why science has to based on “real” things? In scientific writing, there is no first person point of view which means there is no way a person saying a scientific stuff based on one’s own opinion. Well, ok. But then the very very very first, the very basic “science” must come from someone’s mind/thought/opinion aren’t they? Then we provide trials to check if it’s true or not. The thing is, scientific writing I write is has to be based on previous study. I am not in the mood to argue why or what is the reason, but in the task I need to do, I am digging things to find an answer of why did they do it this way. And I can’t find an answer that can satisfy my understanding. I just can’t understand! WHY? WHY U FFFFFFFF CHOOSE THAT OUT OF OTHER THINGS??? ARGH…

Isn’t science suppose to provide things with its own reason?

Anyway, May is walking away soon but yet I haven’t written to you about my birthday this year. Umm… maybe sometime after I finish my assignments and my study, I can find sometime to write it down. I was also thinking to write about Perth (again) after so fffffff long. And maybe I might (no promise) write about PDM Amazing Race that is happening this Saturday.

hor… I just wished my assignments are well done and come back to me with good marks.


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