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Attracted and touched by rap.

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Firstly, I need to explain myself that I am more to a ballad person, meaning I enjoy listening to ballad song more than the power dance electronic rock and other blablablah songs. You know what I mean? I prefer song that is slow or not too complicated in music wise, something simple. Therefore I’m not into the hip hop or dance or clubbing songs. Thus I am not so interested in a rap.

I don’t hate rap, but I just don’t really enjoy it. And the fact that I cannot rap, may add more to the reason why I don’t enjoy rap. hehe…

Okay, so … this post was not meant to be about me “disliking” rap. In fact, this post is suppose to say that I am actually enjoying rap. 🙂 The first time I was WOW-ed by a rap was from Big Bang – Blue. (Read my review here) That time I was like not sure if GD was rapping because it just flow sooo smoothly and I enjoyed it very much.

The second time I am touched by rap is from Shinhwa’s song from the latest album, The Return. (By this point I might review the song as well :P). The song is called “Hurts”. At first when I heard the song, I was like “meh…” too repetitive… because I was just hearing it in plain Korean without a will to understand it. But then somehow, sometime later, I went deep into the song, listened and  learning the lyrics and its meaning. And it was like WOW. The song is so emotional. And just like a click, I can relate to the song. You know, when I am so overcome by something like sad or something, I will write something repetitive too, right? and this song is just like that.
The rap bit by Eric, was so my style of poetry. The rhyming, the emotion and the way he raps it, they all are so … me.

I put the rap part that makes me so mesmerized by the song:

rap) 이제 겨우나 배웠어 널 사랑하는 법

ije gyeouna baewosseo neol saranghaneun beob.

Now with much difficulty I’m learning the way to love you

갈피 조차 못 잡겠어 너와 이별하는 법

galpi jocha mot jabgesseo neowa ibyeorhaneun beob

I still can’t grasp the way to leave you

모두 변해가는 것에 길들여져

modu byeonhaeganeun geose gildeuryeojyeo

Getting used to everything that changes

가는 것, 사는 것, 많은 것을 다 포기해 가는 것

ganeun geot, saneun geot,manheun geoseul da pogihae ganeun geot

That leaves, that lives, giving up a lot of things

가슴 높이까지 쌓인 밤새 내린 눈을 치워

gaseum nopikkaji ssahin bamsae naerin nuneul chiwo,

Clearing off the overnight snow that is stacked up as high as my heart

웃는 삐에로 화장을 나는 지워

utneun ppiero hwajangeul naneun jiwo

Clearing off the smiling Pierrot*) makeup

복구 할 수 없는 휴지통을 비워

boggu hal su eobtneun hyujitongeul biwo,

Emptying out the bin that can’t be restored

미로 위로 날 건져주길 기도

miro, wiro nal geonjyeojugil gido

Praying to be rescued from this maze

I think the way Eric raps it emphasizes those rhymes in the rap sequence (as I put in maroon on the lyrics above).
And as I write this post, I just found out that the lyric has this word: Pierrot. At first at other translations somewhere there in the online world, it is translated as clown. I went to check it at google translator, at first it came out as clown but actually if you are careful there is another translation provided and that is Pierrot. I did not know about this word, so I google search it and thanks Wikipedia I understand the meaning now and I fall deeper in love with this song. -_-; hehe… So, here’s the explanation of Pierrot from Wikipedia.

Okay, I think I should stop here.

Credits to:  == for the romanized lyrics == for the Hangeul and English translation.


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