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Yes, September it is!

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oh, so… I thought I haven’t blog for months. I thought my blog has been somehow dead.

haaa… but thankfully I just opened my account and my last post was in August. *phewAnd fortunately I left traces of Shinhwa on my blog too, since it has been my “love” for the past few months.ㅋㅋㅋ…

The reason I post on my blog is just because I feel it has been so long and I miss blogging, writing things that came upon my life. I realised that I cannot make up a commitment on my own to regularly do stuff, like posting thing on blog. (Even though I really wish to do it). So yeah… blogging is more like an emotionally driven thing. I wish I could express my emotion and able to convey it to the readers and make them understand and can relate it to themselves.

Today’s story:

So today I had a test. It is the last test of the semester before the final exams. (Though I still have 2 more presentations to go, but no more tests has relieved my burden by a lot. ㅎㅎ) I want to thank God for helping me study for this last test. Because my previous test, I admit I didn’t study properly. It was VERY VERY VERY hard for me study 100% at a set time. I got distracted and tempted by stuffs. I am angry at myself that I cannot control myself. Thankfully I passed it. But I wish I could do better. 😦 So, back to the first topic at the beginning, I am thankful because I can cram study this last test better. And I pray as much as study. So I feel better. (Even though I think my ability is not much different than the previous test I talked about). I really hope that my lecturer can mark it kindly. :S 

Here’s a song I want to share. I listen to it while I was writing the passage above. I heard some of the lyrics and they’re quite good. 😛 



I also wish to talk about Shinhwa. But I’ll save that for another post. (I found a long post will make readers bored.) 

땡규! 안녕~~


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