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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Revived fangirl soul…

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Sometime while fangirling, I feel like I want to be close to the idol I like. I really wish I could see him with my own eyes. Maybe to touch and or talk to him is a very high unrealistic wish, but sometime I do wish it could happen.

The feeling of me as a fan, who can only watch and support from afar, is well reflected in this song -a song I suddenly stumble upon- A song ). A feeling that cries out “oppa… take me to where-ever you are. I just want to be next to you.”

Though when I’m quite sober from a fangirling mode, I don’t mind and actually can feel proud that I support my idol from afar. Like I am proud that I have the will to support by doing such stuffs. Like I have done this much things for him. Hahaha… (You know when you are a die-hard fan like me.)

The point of this post is that being far than the one you love can be painful. The coldness of being alone could hurt…

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