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Hello December :)

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It’s already December. Time flies…

Looking back at the last (previous) post, I think I need to tell you what happened.

So, I’ve got my result. God has been good to me, I passed everything. Thank God. I do feel really grateful. I am so relieved. Out of the three units I took, I got a PASS, a CREDIT and I think the other one is a DISTINCTION…

And after I got my result, I went to this dark (galau) days… where I woke up from my sleep and had nothing obliged to do. I mean like I really have nothing to do, no money to spent, no friends at my side (cuz they are either working or at school or doing their own stuff, pokoknya I’m home alone). Then yeah, I felt so empty, like I had this thoughts about myself, about who am I, what I am, the meaning of myself, my existence, my future, and so on and so forth. (Well, up to this day I still cannot figure out most of these questions but I just move on with what I have now).

So, during those galau days, I tried to find a job or just anything for me to do. Cuz if not I’m just going to sink deep. So I tried sending out resume to some shops in city and in Carousel shopping centre. I also applied for some volunteer works. But after a few days or weeks it was still nothing. Then like some friends offered me jobs, so I applied through them. At last, I got job from my church friend, Mario, in Hans café in Applecross.

It’s a good job, I actually like it. Though there are some stressful moments, I think they are still manageable and reasonable. I got it like 2 weeks ago, I think. My job is being a waitress and at the till, and sometimes I help with some kitchen-hand works. I like it because the boss and the colleagues are so good and friendly, like I think I can get along well. The café opens for lunch and dinner. I do both shifts, depending on the shifts given. It took me about 45minutes to an hour to get there or going back home. For now when I got a night shift, Mario take me home. (I feel I owed him a lot.) But after this Mario will go back to Indonesia, so I will have to get home by bus. Hopefully it will be okay, I mean I can get home safely. I think I should be fine catching the public transport. I am just a bit scared going through the dark park when I have to go home by myself.

I am happy I found a job, because I get pocket money. And today I went shopping. I set myself a little loose. (I should restrain myself a bit after this. Promise!) I bought stuff that I think I need. I bought bobby pins because my baby hair at my fringe already grew long. When I work, I need to tie back my hair, but those long baby hair are not long enough to be tied back, so I need some bobby pins. And I also bought a white shirt, cuz I don’t have any here in Perth, where my job requires a white top. I also bought a singlet cuz white clothes are mostly see through… (kinda…) And I also bought a handbag. My excuse for it is that my “old” handbag is made from velvet material, and it has some (kinda a lot of) scratches which made it look bad. 😦 I actually like my old handbag but now it looked unpresentable and some the materials is starting to fall off. I got the new handbag from Kate Hill with a good price, and I fell in love once I saw the price. I think $30 is a reasonable price for a handbag in Perth… and I quite like the model. And I bought some other few stuffs which I don’t really need but I want, just because.



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