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I haven’t blog at all this year… Quite busy, when I am not, things happen or I prefer to do something else. Or I just don’t have much to share.

But I should have checked my blog… I know that there is not much to see here, but I need to, just to keep it up to date.

So yeah, continuing from my last blog post, I need to talk about renewing my passport and my visa. My memories has gone a bit blurry but well, I might just try writing what I remember.

The passport and visa story

So actually, my passport is expired about June 2013 and my visa on March 2013. But since I was told to go back to Indonesia like late January- February 2013, my dad advised me to renew it before hand in Perth. So I had an experience in renewing my student visa but I had nothing about renewing or making passport. I once renew my visa in 2009 after I finish Canning college. I renewed it via e-Visa, did that electronically. That visa last for 3 years, but because you know something happened, I need another year for my study.

This time I had to renew my passport first, because the requirement of renewing my visa is to have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months. Mine’s not!

Renewing Indonesian passport is not that hard but it didn’t go as smooth as I thought. *scrapping my memories of how I did it* So, I renewed my passport in Perth, somewhere in the middle or early December 2012. I went to the Indonesian consulate. Get the form. But I went back home because I didn’t bring all the requirements. All I could remember is that they need my previous passport, passport photos, the fee and  the visa entitlement.But then the consulate has this “printing” issue where they said their passport printer is broken and all sort of passport making applications will be sent to Darwin and processed there. This way, it give me another trouble because they don’t accept normal payment, they only accept money order in which they will sent the money to Darwin. Secondly, by processing it to Darwin, it will take around 2 working weeks. Doh! 

Anyway, I managed to sort it out. oh yeah, one thing. I didn’t know how to get the visa entitlement but a nice man in the consulate office told me how to do it and print it off for me. 🙂

So yeah, back then I thought, without my passport, I won’t be able to apply for my visa. So I delayed my visa application.

By early January, I went to the consulate again to check if my passport is ready for me. Because the officer told me it would be ready in 2 weeks and if it’s done they will give me a call. But by early January I haven’t had any call and I was kinda pressured to get my visa done. So, that day I went there in the morning before I went to work. And not surprisingly but annoyingly, my passport is there, done. The story is I went there, queue, and I was served by this young lady. She asked me when I lodged my application. I said 8 December (if not mistaken). Then she asked to the people behind, and there is this guy said if it’s 8 December it must be done, and it is already done. So I took my passport and went to work. The funny thing is I got a call when I was at work like around 2 o’clock, telling me it’s from the consulate and my passport is ready to be pick-up. I was like 0.0 what? LOL. I told her that I took my passport early this morning. Doh! (I should have checked if I got two passport… just in case… hahaha).

Now with a new passport on the hand, let’s move to visa story.

As I what I know, I renew it online. The requirements was a valid insurance, recent medical record, valid passport, the fee and the confirmation of enrolment(CoE). That time, I tried to get my confirmation of enrolment first. Back then I thought I have to pay my tuition fee all in once to get it. Stupid thought. Thus, I asked my mom for my tuition fee. I went to the bank and stuff. After I can gather the money, I wanted to pay for my tuition fee. I tried finding my eInvoice to pay. But I couldn’t. I tried calling and they say because it’s still January, it’s not uploaded yet. Weird. So the next day or a few day after I physically went to Curtin. There then I found out that I only need $1000 deposit to get my CoE. *facepalm-moment* Well, I was relieved a lot. The girl who was serving me told me to email the Curtin visa officer to help me and to get my [Request to enrol in less than 100credits] from my course coordinator. Well, I emailed the visa officer. But to get the  [Request to enrol in less than 100credits] was hard. Usually I just fill up the form and put it in my course coordinator’s pigeon hole and they will sort it out later. But because I had this sense of urgency to get my visa before I went back to Indonesia, I wanted to get it sort it out as soon as possible. So I filled it out and went to look for my course coordinator, so I can get her signature and submitted to the administration office. But… oh dear… who expect that my course coordinator is on holiday for 2 weeks or 2 months, in which I would have gone back to Indonesia by the time she’s back on duty. So I went to the faculty receptionist and ask her, who else could sign my  [Request to enrol in less than 100credits] form. She gave me a name of the person who is just under the course coordinator and another lady’s name who is a head of the faculty or something. I went to look for her, and had to find out that she is also on holiday the same time as my course coordinator. *cries* So, I tried to find the head of faculty lady, but she was not in the office that time, so I just hand my form either to her pigeon hole or to the receptionist. I couldn’t remember.

To cut the story short, I got it most of it sorted out except my medical record because I didn’t had enough time. I got the emails and communicate with the visa officer, which means my application is received.

So, I went back to Indonesia for about 3-4weeks.

After I came back, I had to make appointment with the medical centre. Okay, here’s points to highlight. Making appointment is as easy as a phone call. But by phone call, you need your visa subclass number ready. It is also as easy as going to their website. But you will need your visa transaction number or something, as well as a credit card. Because I don’t have a credit card, I made an appointment via phone call.

After the phone the customer service lady sent me an email of lists of things I should prepare. I prepared them but I was not careful enough. It says I need to bring the forms. But it doesn’t say I had to fill it beforehand. So when I went to the medical centre, I went there with an empty form, and had to queue again after I finish filling it up. -_-

So, up till now, I still haven’t got any information or email on my new visa. I just hoped that it got processed and everything will be ok.


So this is what drives me to blog again. 

I met a wall. Don’t know where to go.

This time, I find that I have to be strong not for myself but for those whom I care.

This time, I feel that the Lord doesn’t simply give me problems to make me mature, but give me the eyes, the ear and the heart to feel others’.

Usually if I have problems, I would share or vent it out. Asking advices and figure out the solution.

This time, I am faced with other people’s problems.

Told you, I’m hitting a wall. I don’t see a way out.

I used to be stupid or naive. I used to think if it is not one’s problem, one should not be worried or stressed. But I learn now, life does not work that way. One would be worried if the one he/she cared and loved is on trouble or having problem.

Well, it’s not I myself is free of problem. I am also stressed with my own stuff. But my loved ones is having problem and I don’t know how to solve it. It stresses me the most.Well, not solve, but maybe if I can bring anything or do anything to ease their pain will be better than me not knowing what can I do to them.

Well, talk to you later… sorry for giving such a long tedious writing today… Thank you so much to you all who manage to read up till this point. Love ya~~


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