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To whom it may concern

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I’m writing this to whom it may concern. I guess not many people know about this matter. But I want to compose a collage of song lyrics reflecting stuffs I want to say to whom it may concern.

This is my message in a bottle, I hope that you receive it
If it washes up at your feet then open it and read it
To whom it may concern, insert your name here
It’s destiny that we were both born in the same year
Three months apart, but on the same sphere
Staring at the sun, inhaling the same air


Travie McCoy – Rough waters


Right from the start, you were a thief you stole my heart
And I your willing victim


Pink – Just give me a reason


Baby, I love you”
I say this but I don’t feel good at all.
I want you
I need you
I sing but …
I don’t know …
 I feel bad…
Who you?
Congratulations, you already are meeting someone new
I hope it works out
although it’s a bit early
If you’re happy, that’s all I want
But I keep getting angry, baby.
Who you?
Baby, I miss you
Why do I keep thinking about you?
I can’t meet someone else. Don’t want to.
Whether I love you or I hate you, I can’t determine.
Everyday I’m still confused
I don’t know why I feel bad.


G-Dragon – Who you? (니가 뭔대?)

I can’t pour all my heart out… I’m in such in a bad state that I couldn’t think properly…

To whom it may concern,




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