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11 Super Important Questions To Ask Your Friend Before Traveling Together

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Traveling with a friend means adventures, cocktails, and inside jokes that will have you in fits of laughter well after your return. We recently posted an article about how overseas travel will make couples stronger, and the same can certainly be true for friendships. Many times though, people go into a trip without communicating their expectations, which can lead to arguments, disappointments, and may even take a toll on your friendship. 

You don’t need to agree on everything — or anything — for that matter. Traveling with someone very different than yourself can actually be a great experience for both of you. But going into it with a clear idea of what your expectations are will ensure that you both get the most out of your travels and remain friends after your return flight lands at home.

Whether you’re traveling with your BFF, whom you’ve known since the time you could walk, or a coworker you’ve…

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