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[K-Drama] Reply 1997

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Title: 응답하라 1997 / Reply 1997 / Respond 1997 / Answer Me 1997
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: TvN
Broadcast period: 24 July 2012 to 18 September 2012

This is my personal view of the drama so please note that this review might be subjective. Beware of spoilers!


The reasons of watching: Menu! >.< Menu suggested me this drama.

I was not a big fan of “rookie” groups (I supposed it is not appropriate anymore to call Infinite, A-Pink and Seo In Guk a rookie. But I was not that interested to know them until I watch this drama). It was even so hard to find a subbed video of the whole drama. But Menu told me where it is. 😀


I can say I can relate to this drama quite well. 🙂 Firstly I am a kpop fan, which directly relate to the main character Song Shi Won. And lately I am digging into the first generation Kpop, the H.O.T, Sech Kies, G.O.D, Shinhwa, S.E.S, Baby V.O.X, and their kind. (Mostly Shinhwa though). So that’s why I can relate because I kinda know the songs and the members and stuffs.

The drama itself is kinda different. It didn’t go by chronological time. Instead it has a theme in each episode and enfolds the story behind it in the past time. It is so hard to explain and describe this. -_-” 

Second relation happened when they picture Shi Won going to study to Seoul (She’s from Busan and the whole drama mostly happened in Busan). I am a student studying overseas from a little town in Indonesia. *_* Not just stopping here, in the alumni meeting, they tease each other that they are using Seoul dialect because they all used to speak in Busan dialect. I did have this experience. -_- My dad always told me not to speak in Javanese dialect because if I became “big” person, people will laugh at me. And so when I moved to Perth and meet Indonesian people who are mostly from Jakarta/Bandung, I tried to speak “normal” Indonesian, and I did well. So in the early days I started talking using Jakarta dialect, people who were used to hearing me speak in Javanese always say I sound weird. -_- *sigh*

But I don’t have a relation to the deep friendship like in the drama, which is ssoooooo making me jealous. 😡 I don’t have a romantic relationship either. *sobs*

Overall, this is a drama that I can enjoy, but I completely understand if it may not be great drama to others. After all, most drama can get you engaged when the story or the actors/actresses are interesting. So if you cannot relate to the story and you don’t find the actors/actresses amusing, it may be hard to like it.  But for me the story itself is engaging because I can relate to in many aspects. For actors/actresses wise, this drama has these idols: Hoya of Infinte; A-Pink’s Jung Eun Ji; the winner of SuperStar-K, Seo In Guk and the leader of Sech Kies, Eun Ji Won (Insert a cheerleading/fan-girling moment). Not to mention the all the famous cameos I know: Shin Bong Sun, Jung Ju Ri, Kim Tae Won, Tony An, Kim Gook Jin, Im Si Wan, Yoon Hyun Bin, Yang Se Hyung, and more! Add more glimpses of old Kpop clips and lots of Kpop songs in the background. To be honest, I cannot recognise the real OST of this song because there are just a lot of Kpop song in the background as well as filling the moments of the drama itself. 

I wish to insert a part about Eun Ji Won. It is just so hilarious because Eun Ji Won is Sech Kies leader and there are parts where Sech Kies is shown in the drama. The awkward moment when Eun Ji Won as Hak Can watching Eun Ji Won as himself. LOL! And also Hak Can and Yoo Jung is somehow like Pil Suk and Jason in Dream High 1. They are not the main character but they are an amusing couple to follow. 🙂

4 Parts that made me cry! (not in any order, just the order I remembered it…)

1. The time when Shi Won really cried because his father got stomach cancer. It was a really touching scene because most of the time the family is always fighting and shouting at each other, seems like not respecting each other, but at this time all of them tries to be strong but they couldn’t. They can only hang on to each other.

2. When Yoon Jae ran to save Shi Won from the stalking man. I cried because at that time, he was avoiding Shi Won. He tried really hard to be cool. But he still couldn’t stop himself from thinking and caring about Shi Won. He was panicking and urgently ran and he didn’t care about himself and only thought of Shi Won.

3. Shi Won leaving for Seoul. Shi Won really cried when she had to go to Seoul. I cried because I thought of myself. I still remember clearly I was to excited of going abroad that I didn’t greet and say good bye properly to my family. I remembered someone told me, behind my back they were crying. T.T This made me cry!! OK NEXT!

4.Yoon Jae confessed his love and everything and decide not to see Shi Won again. It is just a heart breaking scene. It is a MUST see scene. T.T

Ending: Loved the ending. The whole drama has quite a few twists here and there but it ended beautifully. 🙂




Attracted and touched by rap.

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Firstly, I need to explain myself that I am more to a ballad person, meaning I enjoy listening to ballad song more than the power dance electronic rock and other blablablah songs. You know what I mean? I prefer song that is slow or not too complicated in music wise, something simple. Therefore I’m not into the hip hop or dance or clubbing songs. Thus I am not so interested in a rap.

I don’t hate rap, but I just don’t really enjoy it. And the fact that I cannot rap, may add more to the reason why I don’t enjoy rap. hehe…

Okay, so … this post was not meant to be about me “disliking” rap. In fact, this post is suppose to say that I am actually enjoying rap. 🙂 The first time I was WOW-ed by a rap was from Big Bang – Blue. (Read my review here) That time I was like not sure if GD was rapping because it just flow sooo smoothly and I enjoyed it very much.

The second time I am touched by rap is from Shinhwa’s song from the latest album, The Return. (By this point I might review the song as well :P). The song is called “Hurts”. At first when I heard the song, I was like “meh…” too repetitive… because I was just hearing it in plain Korean without a will to understand it. But then somehow, sometime later, I went deep into the song, listened and  learning the lyrics and its meaning. And it was like WOW. The song is so emotional. And just like a click, I can relate to the song. You know, when I am so overcome by something like sad or something, I will write something repetitive too, right? and this song is just like that.
The rap bit by Eric, was so my style of poetry. The rhyming, the emotion and the way he raps it, they all are so … me.

I put the rap part that makes me so mesmerized by the song:

rap) 이제 겨우나 배웠어 널 사랑하는 법

ije gyeouna baewosseo neol saranghaneun beob.

Now with much difficulty I’m learning the way to love you

갈피 조차 못 잡겠어 너와 이별하는 법

galpi jocha mot jabgesseo neowa ibyeorhaneun beob

I still can’t grasp the way to leave you

모두 변해가는 것에 길들여져

modu byeonhaeganeun geose gildeuryeojyeo

Getting used to everything that changes

가는 것, 사는 것, 많은 것을 다 포기해 가는 것

ganeun geot, saneun geot,manheun geoseul da pogihae ganeun geot

That leaves, that lives, giving up a lot of things

가슴 높이까지 쌓인 밤새 내린 눈을 치워

gaseum nopikkaji ssahin bamsae naerin nuneul chiwo,

Clearing off the overnight snow that is stacked up as high as my heart

웃는 삐에로 화장을 나는 지워

utneun ppiero hwajangeul naneun jiwo

Clearing off the smiling Pierrot*) makeup

복구 할 수 없는 휴지통을 비워

boggu hal su eobtneun hyujitongeul biwo,

Emptying out the bin that can’t be restored

미로 위로 날 건져주길 기도

miro, wiro nal geonjyeojugil gido

Praying to be rescued from this maze

I think the way Eric raps it emphasizes those rhymes in the rap sequence (as I put in maroon on the lyrics above).
And as I write this post, I just found out that the lyric has this word: Pierrot. At first at other translations somewhere there in the online world, it is translated as clown. I went to check it at google translator, at first it came out as clown but actually if you are careful there is another translation provided and that is Pierrot. I did not know about this word, so I google search it and thanks Wikipedia I understand the meaning now and I fall deeper in love with this song. -_-; hehe… So, here’s the explanation of Pierrot from Wikipedia.

Okay, I think I should stop here.

Credits to:  == for the romanized lyrics == for the Hangeul and English translation.

[K-movie review] Spin Kick (돌려차기)

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Spin Kick

No rule No technique No manner
Spin Kick

Reason of watching: Lately I was into (read: in love with) Shinhwa and Dongwan -a member of Shinhwa- was the main reason of watching the movie. 🙂

Comments/Review of the whole movie:

MOST RECOMMENDED! I might be bias but really, the story line is really good. The overall movie is very entertaining and engaging. They put in bits and pieces of humor in it to make it fun to watch while the whole story has a deep meaning and good moral message. I can say that this movie is at the same level as the famous Karate Kid. They have similar concept but wrapped differently. The movie is suitable for teens and above.

Let’s cut the story short (aka the synopsis) + commentary:

The movie started from the taekwondo club of a high school. The club has a very weak members who were not so good in taekwondo. One day, those members of the Taekwondo club got into a fight with the school gangsters in the bus. At the end, the gangsters were all jailed because of it.The taekwondo coach of the time was desperate with the team and the school, so he resigned and get a job at another high school. Most of the members quit too, except for the team captain and a sub player. The principal got panicked and called for a meeting. The result of the meeting is not to stop the club but to take in the gangsters and look for another coach.

So the principal tried to pursue those gangsters to join the taekwondo team. But those gangsters didn’t just agreed to go into the taekwondo team. However one of the gangsters got a pregnant girlfriend so he’s kinda desperate to get out of the jail. So because of him, the whole gang finally agreed to sign the contract of joining the team.

And at another scene there is this girl (or lady who is not introduced properly. She might be a taekwondo teacher or a girlfriend of the taekwondo captain or just a taekwondo maniac.) called Su Bin, who was in charge of the taekwondo club. She went to look for taekwondo coach. She finally found one coach. This coach appears like a loser, his students left him one by one until no one left, and the principal also did not quite like him as if he is so embarrassing. But anyway he coached those gangsters and the two original member wholeheartedly.

At first of the training, the gangsters didn’t want to wear the taekwondo uniform. The gangster leader, Yong Gaek, and the captain, Min Gyu, got into an argument about it. But that girl, Su Bin, suddenly appear and got into the arguments. The gangster leader,Yong Gaek, who is somehow like the girl, Su Bin, finally agreed to wear it but he stripped down in front of her and all the taekwondo members. So she got angry and left. But anyway she got them to wear the uniform.

The story rolls on how that leader, Yong Gaek, slowly get into the training (and motivated by the presence of the girl, the movie kinda tried to show that he is interested in her) and he gets all the gangster into training. But the hardship of the training left the team with 5 people. The two original members, Min Gyu and Seong Wan, and another 3 gangster members, Yong Gaek; Jeong Dae and Hyeok Su. These last 5 people made it into the tournament. Just few days before the tournament, the captain was changed from the original captain, Min Gyu, to the gangster leader, Yong Gaek, because the coach thought that Min Gyu can be discouraging and not uniting the team. By this time, the gangster still fight like a gangster not like taekwondo sportsmen. Just days before the tournament, the other gangsters who are not in the team threaten the rival team with knives. During the tournament, Hyeok Su got angry and got into a real fight at the stadium and all three gangsters there fight with all the rival team. Because of the fight the tournaments was put in halt and they were all waiting for a decision/result. Min Gyu got angry at Hyeok Su for acting “stupid” and gave him a blow. Yong Gaek who’s already changed a bit didn’t side with Hyeok Su and give Hyeok Su another blow. The result came out and stated that the tournament will continue on but Hyeok Su will be disqualified. Hyeok Su got angry at Yong Gaek and left.
The tournament continued and the high school proceeded to the next round. By this time the principal was not that happy and still doubtful that the team could win but the coach said that he (the coach) might be a loser, but the kids are good kids and they should be given a chance. So the principal let him go on.

The coach went back to the training room and only found Seong Wan. He asked where’s the others, and looked for them. Yong Gaek and Jeong Dae was chilling in a pub. The coach wanted them to continue fighting for the tournament but he also knew that the rival-team-to-be is very hard, the rival team is coached by the former coach. So the coach and all the members gathered at the pub and they discussed about this. Yong Gaek who is still has high pride of a gangster wasn’t aware and he wants to challenge the rival team and asked the coach to set up a friendly match. They all finally had a match but they were crushed. Even the coach vs the former coach resulted in coach embarrassing loss.

Another day at the room practice they discussed their strategy. With four members, the team is short of one person. Randomly there is a ballet guy who is always topless and watching them practice, suddenly broke the glass and “jumped” gracefully into the training room. (Hillarious!)And shortly he is recruited.

So the coach brought the team to train at a beach. The team trained hard. But somehow they met the other rival school who was training there too. This rival school was coached by the former coach. So the rivalry was great. They went in for a trash talk, at first Yong Gaek can hold his anger but just after another pissing sentences from the rival school, he couldn’t hold it any more and start beating the rival team. Min Gyu who usually don’t get into fight, at last he “helped” fighting for his team. The villagers around there saw it and called for both coaches. The former coach quickly came and started beating his team. He saw Min Gyu and talk and look down on him. The team finally went back, but the coach had already packed his stuff. Jeong Dae thought the training is over, but actually the coach was acting angry and asked Min Gyu to tell them all of the basic principle of taekwondo. Min Gyu kept silent. So the coach asked Seong Wan. Seong Wan said that taekwondo is only used for protecting oneself when attacked or threatened. So the coach asked them to take off their uniform and tore them and he wanted to leave. Yong Gaek finally knelt and begged for forgiveness. The coach smiled as if he knows this is gonna happen. At that night, they had campfire and started talking, the ballet guy at the end started dancing and one by one they all dancing and practicing taekwondo. (Here is an example of the humor of the movie ^^)

After training at the beach, they all went back. The night before the tournament, Yong Gaek was getting ready. But he got a news that Hyeok Su was in trouble, so he rushed in to check out what happened. It turns out that the rival school bullied Hyeok Su. Yong Gaek, who is now a fully and trully taekwondo sportsman, faced the leader of the rival school team. He didn’t fight like a gangster but he said he’ll receive what the rival wanted to do. So the leader broke his right shoulder and left.

On the day of the final tournament, there is a few rounds the 32th, 16th, 8th, 4th, and final. The team passed 32th, 16th and 8th with quite hardship and to note there is not cheering team for them. By this time, during break Min Gyu saw that Yong Gaek was bleeding due to his broken shoulder. But Yong Gaek “threatened” Min Gyu not to tell anyone at least until after the tournament finished. There is sooo much drama from this part on you gotta watch it! The ending was as great as I could expect. I cried watching this movie too -I always cried watching good movies- . There is no weird or hanging ending, they cut the movie clean. 😀

Flower Boys

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Hi readers, I have been thinking of writing about this topic since weeks ago and targeted myself to post it on April. But today is already the 1st of May. D;

Okay, anyway let’s start…

The idea first came when I watched Simon and Martina’s Kpop Chart updates and they pointed out that a member of NU’EST (read: new east) looks like a girl. Simon even said that the girly-ness is way more than Hero Jaejoong. At first I was like “meh”. I didn’t really believe it until I saw that myself.

But before we start digging about NU’EST, I wanted to clarify that term “Flower Boy” first. According to, Flower Boys can be : (1) A boy that looks and acts feminine/girly. (2) Someone who is secretly interested in men but tries to cover up by using girls and breaking their hearts for no apparent reason. (3) A boy that is gay/girly/a fag.

It might not be wrong, but the “Flower Boy” that I wanted to talk about is those guys who take care of his appearance nearly as much as girl. In a way that they might use make up, style their hair, wear clothing that is fashionable, look very clean (usually no moustache or beard present) and they are usually lean/skinny. I’ll give you some example how normal (acceptable level of feminine-ness) flower boy look like:

Lee Min Ho

Song Joong Ki

Jung Il Woo

Kim Hyun Joong

Jae Joong

They are all beautiful aren’t they. But they are still straight men, okay.

Now, the problem is I am going to show you how feminine-ness could really be overloaded on to a men. I’ll be specifically talking and showing you how a boy look like a girl in a Music Video which can be watched by everyone who can access the internet. Why? Because there are so many Kpop boys who cross-dress to a girl just for fun in a certain show or concert. Many could pull it off well and became a really beautiful girl. But for me looking like a girl in a music video which promote a boyband group, I don’t think it is a good idea. I saw a couple of boys looking like a girl in a Music Video but NU’EST is like the big bomb. I’ll show you the other first then the “bomb” will come last:

Tae Min in Sherlock (Clue + Note) Music Video.
It's his long hair and his pretty face that made me think it's too far for being pretty.

Hee Chul in U Music Video.
He does look (too) very pretty with his long hair.


Finally, this is Ren from NU'EST in Face Music Video.
He really is too feminine with his blonde pony tailed hair.
May I add he's wearing pink while other member used mostly black clothes.

[K-Movie Review] Mr.Idol

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Reason of watching:I just watch this movie because I was bored with my study.


The movie is nice. It has very good flow, no scene is strange and everything is kinda logically happen, no exaggeration at all.

The ending though is a little (almost negligible) weird.

Let’s cut the story short (aka the synopsis):

The movie is about entertainment industry that “produce” idol groups. The story follows a manager/producer of a boyband called Mr. Children, Oh Gu Ju. There were tragic accident that cost the life of the vocalist. This incident affects her and the boyband.

3 years later, she was invited by the company who produce Mr.Children. She wanted to manage them again but instead the company ask her to manage new group. She didn’t want to do other group so she left the company and look for the boys. Because the vocalist was dead, she did a talent search and found a rock band singer, Eugene. She tried to get Eugene to sing as a solo without his band, but he disagreed. Finally, she could get him by paying his nephew’s hospital fee for 24 months. She trained the boys very hard and with minimum cost. However, prior to debut Ji Oh (one of the boys) who has a bad temper suddenly attack the rival group from the other company (the company that previously employ Oh Gu Ju). Thus, she pulled back their debut time and instead debuting on a music program on TV they start singing for patients and disabled people. The response was great and Mr. Children starts to get popular.

However, when they started to get popular, many bad things happen to shake them. The company director wants them too and persuade Oh Gu Ju to “sell” Mr. Children to their company. But Oh Gu Ju coldly turned down the offer. Then, after this incident there were videos of Eugene auditioning at the company but he said bad things that cause public disturbance. Thus, all their activities were put on halt. At one point, Oh Gu Ju and the group made a press conference and at this conference Eugene said he’s leaving the group because he felt he is the hindrance of the group.

There was one moment when Eugene found out that Oh Gu Ju really cherish the moment of past Mr. Children especially the former vocalist. He was so disappointed and left the group.

The members then were living their previous normal life again. Eugene works at the cafe/restaurant his dad owns.One night he wanted to play a CD in the cafe, but accidentally it was a CD from Oh Gu Ju for him. He was hesitant at first but then he search Oh Gu Ju. He went to their base but Oh Gu Ju had already gone to the airport. At the base the other manager got a letter which proves that Eugene was innocent, so he went to the broadcasting station, persuade the program producer and called Eugene to get Oh Gu Ju and the members ready for the broadcast later that night.

Eugene tried to find Oh Gu Ju in the airport by singing her song that was written for him. On the other place, the manager went to the broadcast venue and call Mr.Children member to come tonight via live broadcast. Finally, 5 minutes before the show ended all the members met and they perform at the last stage. The response were really great because the manager has spread the news that the problematic video of Eugene was actually a manipulated video by the other company.

At the end, that company director was captured. Oh Gu Ju and Eugene relationship was getting better they look really close to each other. (Next is the seriously-doesn’t-make-sense-scene) They were in the airport, Oh Gu Ju went to the restroom (toilet) and left her bag to be guarded by Eugene. But the bag suddenly rolls and “run” to a girls toilet. Oh Gu Ju chased the bag into the toilet and then there’s a white light shining. His hand caught up with Oh Gu Ju’s hand. Then they walk to their base, they all sing together with Eugene’s band, Oh Gu Ju playing piano, Mr. Children and the former vocalist of Mr. Children were there too singing. Seriously guys tell me how is that not weird?



what is wrong with Kpop?

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As you guys know that I liked Kpop so much, I wanted to write and talk about the bad side; the thing that people dislike and what is really not good. I’d like to write these things from my experience and knowledge about K-pop and keep it as objective as possible.

I personally have liked Kpop for at least two years, I think. I have been in the place of a newbie in K-pop who was mesmerized by those K-pop idols. Idols? Yeah, it is what they called those singers/dancers who perform K-pop songs.But as time goes by and I learnt to live a normal life back again, I am not that fascinated anymore, well not to the level I was back then.

So with this post I want put my opinion about the “dark side” of K-pop.

Firstly, they are idols. According to idol refers to: image or other material object representing a deity to which religious worship is addressed. image of a deity other than God.

b.the deity itself.
3.any person or thing regarded with blind admiration,adoration, or devotion.

As many people said why they disliked K-pop, they are idols, a puppet or an object. Most of them aren’t true artist. They may have the ability to sing, dance and perform on stage. But most of them are not singing the songs they write themselves, most of them didn’t choreograph their own dancing routines, most of them didn’t design the costumes they’re wearing in a performance and I believe they are not creating the concept of their album on their own. Well, I don’t think other artists (other than Kpop idols) can do these things themselves. But maybe Kpop shows this too obviously.

Second bad thing of the Kpop is the fans. Being a quite impulsive fans once, I know the inside things of the fans. May some of you won’t believe there are quite some terrible things happening in the circle of being in a fans group. As this blog post may be read by someone who doesn’t know much about Kpop, I’ll break it down a bit. In Kpop, a singer or a group that has debuted and became known to public will usually have a fandom. Fandom is a fan base where the fans of the singers talk about them and share things like the photos, news, etc. Each singer/group will have a specific name for their fandom, for example SS501-Triple S; DBSK-Cassiopea; Big Bang – VIP; Wonder Girls – Wonderful; SNSD – Sone; Super Junior – E.L.F.; and so much more. The “strength of love” of the fans range from just enjoying their music and performance to a disturbing level. When you go deep into the fans group, you will see cyber wars here and there. There will be fans that are “protecting” their idols and those that they call “antis” which refer to anyone who hates their idols. They may rage war to those who says some critics or some things that are maybe a bit not nice against the idols.

Lately, I found out about another “division” of fans which I think it has a very high level of disturbance, called “sasaeng fans”. I haven’t known much about this type but from what I know these people has been really literally idolizing their idol or even more. This type of fans are scary. From what I read online and saw in youtube, those sasaeng fans has no life other than stalking and “enjoying” the life of the idols. They are like the detectives that stalk and intrude the personal life of their idols, some things are really inappropriate even violate the laws.

Ok, let’s move to the other point.

The next point I’d like to say is the pitiful life of the idol.

K-pop is an industry where the company is very well armed and aim at all aspects of a music industry. They aim at the visual aspects, like the dress, the appearance, the dances, etc. They also aim at musical and song. They even aim at personal aspects. The company may buy songs, hire great choreographer, have best designer, have studios for shooting the music videos, have dancing practice rooms, and they have idols. Out of those people I think idols are the ones that suffer the most because they are the ones that is presented to the market. Those idols are kept as a precious gems by the company. They are “locked” in the dorms (well, maybe it’s not this cruel). I guess they work everyday by practicing dancing/ singing. They cannot wander off easily. In the early days of idols, I heard those idols are not allowed dating because the reason is that their reputation and  popularity will decrease. They don’t get much holidays. They get swarmed by fans. No really personal life.

This point leads to the fourth point on other reason people don’t like Kpop. Many people don’t like Kpop because the idols have plastic surgery.

From what I know, in South Korea, people have some standards in beauty. They like V-shaped face, double eyelids, and other stuffs. (couldn’t remember at the moment). Most people got pressured because of these standards and go on plastic surgery to get the appearance feature they wanted. This pressure also affects the idols. I think even before they debuted they already got “correction”. I even once watched a testimony of an idol who wanted to do surgery on her bone because her body is not curvy. Well, plastic surgery is always debatable. Idols are made to please the eye, so plastic surgery is a common thing and it is assumed acceptable. But others may say it is fake or some other things.

I am writing this late night/early morning so maybe this post is hard to understand. That’s ok. I’m just on a mood swing. The thing I want to get across is that I know actually Kpop is not that wonderful, fascinating, fantastic or what to be worshiped. But I still like Kpop. I like the fact they are an eye candy, ear candy. I admit I used to like Kpop because I was fascinated by the personality of the idols. But now since something happened, I just like Kpop for its music and its performance. I think popular western songs are a bit dirty or arrogant. The presentation of the song is different, and I prefer Kpop.

[MV Review] Big Bang – Blue

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My first impression of the song was LOVE. I really love the song, the melody, the rhythm or the beat and of course the voices. This time Big Bang use “ballad song” for the title song of their album, not like Big Bang I know that is so Hip Hop, R n B, and clubby song style. The song is so smooth and fine. At first it’s like having this soothing effect. Another thing I love about this song is that GD has this melodic rap. I mean it’s like he’s singing with this notes and stuff but he’s actually rapping. (sorry, couldn’t describe it better).


First time studying the MV (without understanding the lyrics), I get the point about this girl who is doing the same thing as Big Bang did (running, standing, etc) is some kind of a soul. Or is it the other way around, Big Bang is the soul?  But then the video leads to the conclusion that Big Bang is losing its soul, it’s like living without a soul.

Big Bang member always have a new concept for each album and everytime it is always surprising look: Seungri’s metal earrings, Daesung’s white bleached hair, TOP’s blue hair, TaeYang’s bold Mohawk. GD didn’t show much of his hair (though he did show his new hair in the teaser video and the websites) but I think his fashion stands out compared to the other member. The other member have this dark gloomy style of clothes (as the song talks about blue or sad feeling) but GD’s “gloomy” style is still kind of swag. After GD, it’s TOP who has this red long coat. I didn’t say red is cannot represent sadness, it’s just so striking compared to the other member who’s wearing black or white clothes.


After understanding the lyrics, I learned that it is a sad song. The video has the same meaning with the lyrics of the song. (Well, some other singers or songs have totally different MV meaning to its own song). It is about someone who misses his lover so much that he’s feeling blue. He couldn’t feel her anymore even he misses her so much.


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