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Monthly Archives: June 2013


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It is fading at a distance

becomes such a blur that I can’t recognize

As it goes further

I don’t try to stay close

As I try to let it go


As I cannot feel it any longer

As I can only reflect it on my memories

As it becomes meaningless

As I try to live without it

As I call it “it” instead of “him”


I still live 

with a hollow in my heart



I. am. broken

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It is unpleasant,

denying your feeling

It is painful,

accepting the truth

It is hard to live on,

knowing what you want fades away

Deep inside the wounded heart

is still a little hope

They say time will heal the scar

time will fade the faint hope inside the heart


But what to do now

that the hope, the fact, and the truth 

become the hurtful part of living?

when they say time is the only remedy?

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