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Oh this is my self-reflection assignment

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Posting this just because a self-reflection is just similar to how I write my other blog post. 
Just because I always post my written opinion on my blog. 

if you don't mind... 


hehe :P


On Friday, 18 May 2012 I went to help at Bentley Primary school canteen. The school canteen is run by volunteers. When I went there, I met Hayley and Kyla. They are two mothers who are volunteering to run the school canteen. The school canteen operates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There were 3 mothers who are regularly volunteered themselves to run the school canteen. But the other mother only comes on Monday because she is working on the other day.

When I first came in, the volunteers were taking orders from the children, parents and school teachers for their lunch. The lunches were made to orders. After that I went to help them prepare for the lunches and the recess foods. I helped cut the vegetables for the hamburger and egg salad. The vegetables were fresh but the patty for the hamburger was frozen.

While I was doing that, the two ladies were heating up food for the recess snacks. The snacks that were served that day are popcorn, cheesies, mini pies, lasagna bites, stuffed potatoes, hot chocolate and quiches. They also sell hot chocolate under the recess food menu. The popcorn is made on that day. Cheesies is a slice of hamburger bun and melted cheese. This is also prepared on the day. Mini pies, lasagna bites and quiches were frozen and they were just reheated on the day. The stuffed potatoes used potatoes that had been baked before and the stuffing was frozen.  There is an interesting story behind this hot chocolate. They used chocolate milk in the box and reheat it in the microwave. Then they put in those take-away coffee cups. They used those cups because the children don’t really buy them when they used it on ordinary foam cups.

In recess time, the cheesies were sold out. Some bought milk, hot chocolate, lasagna bites and pies.

Between recess and lunch time, we made apple and blueberry stuffing for the apple and blueberry pie. We also made beef stuffing for the lasagna bites. Those stuffing are then frozen and will be reheated when they are going to be served.

During lunch times, children will take their orders. Most children ordered pizza and some bought sandwich. Some left over snacks from the recess will be sold again. At lunch time, they sell ice cream. Surprisingly, despite the cold weather ice cream was an item that many children bought. According to the school canteen regulation, ice cream can only be sold during lunch time.

From what I observed and my conversation with the volunteers, the school canteen followed WA School Canteen Association. They follow their accreditation program known as Star CAP. Based on their menu, they have more than 77% green categorised food and about 23% amber. As described above, they don’t sell any red food items such as soft drinks. The canteen also has a coordinated whole school approach to promote health. The teachers, school staff and parents promote good eating habit by eating healthy food provided by the school canteen.

Their priority is giving the children good and nutritious food while at school. Therefore, they sell the food at an affordable price for the children. They did not take much profit from the sales but just enough to keep the canteen business going on.

In conclusion, school canteen is an important setting for public health nutrition policy because the school canteen is a place where the children can learn and understand about healthy food choices as well as the food group that is not supposed to be eaten so often. The school canteen that is accredited with Star CAP can help the kids to have healthy food habits.


jumble-mumble scrambled thoughts in my brain. You reader, nevermind this!

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I wish to write a proper writing here on my blog but today I just need to write to clear my mind because of this stupid assignment which makes me so frustrated. To cut the story short, I have to write about all the details of how we (me and my group) are going to measure things in our research-to-be (or an-imaginary-research-but-has-to-be-as-reasonable-as-ever). The thing is after I do journal & book research, I found out that there are many things that can be measured and there are many ways/methods to measure them. But we had to stick to our first inspirational-journal ways. But its way is just cannot make my mind clicks and runs to yield the result I wanted. Why? Because they don’t provide any justification of why they use it and how exactly those methods works. Then how am I going to reproduce it in my own words to my research-proposal? Dear blog, maybe it’s just my brain that had this thing we call short-circuit electric aka kortsluiting. My brain may just be not working properly, this you can see from my jumbled-full-of-jargon-with-non-sense words.

For real, why science has to based on “real” things? In scientific writing, there is no first person point of view which means there is no way a person saying a scientific stuff based on one’s own opinion. Well, ok. But then the very very very first, the very basic “science” must come from someone’s mind/thought/opinion aren’t they? Then we provide trials to check if it’s true or not. The thing is, scientific writing I write is has to be based on previous study. I am not in the mood to argue why or what is the reason, but in the task I need to do, I am digging things to find an answer of why did they do it this way. And I can’t find an answer that can satisfy my understanding. I just can’t understand! WHY? WHY U FFFFFFFF CHOOSE THAT OUT OF OTHER THINGS??? ARGH…

Isn’t science suppose to provide things with its own reason?

Anyway, May is walking away soon but yet I haven’t written to you about my birthday this year. Umm… maybe sometime after I finish my assignments and my study, I can find sometime to write it down. I was also thinking to write about Perth (again) after so fffffff long. And maybe I might (no promise) write about PDM Amazing Race that is happening this Saturday.

hor… I just wished my assignments are well done and come back to me with good marks.

My pray this morning 20-03-2011

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Tuhan Yesus,

aku ingin bersyukur, Tuhan, pada hari ini Engkau telah membangunkanku pagi hari.

Engkau menuntun setiap langkahku dalam memulai hari ini.


aku bersyukur untuk teman-teman yang Engkau berikan, Tuhan

aku bersyukur untuk teman-teman yang bisa membawaku bertumbuh lebih mengenalmu, Tuhan

Flower Boys

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Hi readers, I have been thinking of writing about this topic since weeks ago and targeted myself to post it on April. But today is already the 1st of May. D;

Okay, anyway let’s start…

The idea first came when I watched Simon and Martina’s Kpop Chart updates and they pointed out that a member of NU’EST (read: new east) looks like a girl. Simon even said that the girly-ness is way more than Hero Jaejoong. At first I was like “meh”. I didn’t really believe it until I saw that myself.

But before we start digging about NU’EST, I wanted to clarify that term “Flower Boy” first. According to, Flower Boys can be : (1) A boy that looks and acts feminine/girly. (2) Someone who is secretly interested in men but tries to cover up by using girls and breaking their hearts for no apparent reason. (3) A boy that is gay/girly/a fag.

It might not be wrong, but the “Flower Boy” that I wanted to talk about is those guys who take care of his appearance nearly as much as girl. In a way that they might use make up, style their hair, wear clothing that is fashionable, look very clean (usually no moustache or beard present) and they are usually lean/skinny. I’ll give you some example how normal (acceptable level of feminine-ness) flower boy look like:

Lee Min Ho

Song Joong Ki

Jung Il Woo

Kim Hyun Joong

Jae Joong

They are all beautiful aren’t they. But they are still straight men, okay.

Now, the problem is I am going to show you how feminine-ness could really be overloaded on to a men. I’ll be specifically talking and showing you how a boy look like a girl in a Music Video which can be watched by everyone who can access the internet. Why? Because there are so many Kpop boys who cross-dress to a girl just for fun in a certain show or concert. Many could pull it off well and became a really beautiful girl. But for me looking like a girl in a music video which promote a boyband group, I don’t think it is a good idea. I saw a couple of boys looking like a girl in a Music Video but NU’EST is like the big bomb. I’ll show you the other first then the “bomb” will come last:

Tae Min in Sherlock (Clue + Note) Music Video.
It's his long hair and his pretty face that made me think it's too far for being pretty.

Hee Chul in U Music Video.
He does look (too) very pretty with his long hair.


Finally, this is Ren from NU'EST in Face Music Video.
He really is too feminine with his blonde pony tailed hair.
May I add he's wearing pink while other member used mostly black clothes.

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